Saturday, 31 December 2011

Året 2011

Det blir svårt att sammanfatta året 2011 på ett bra sätt men eftersom alla andra har sammanfattat sina år så ska jag också göra det.

Året började verkligen skitdåligt och jag var bitter och arg genom hela januari (det var bittert så det osade) och februari (då jag ångkokade mina fingrar) men så där i slutet av februari var det scifi-mässa och i mars RFSL Ungdoms Årskongress. Det var som en injektion av regnbågar så i april började jag känna mig lite bättre och det fortsatte i maj.
I juni såg jag Stephen Lynch på Lorensbergsteatern i Göteborg. Juli är en månad man egentligen bara tar sig igenom fortast möjligt (fast jag drog ändå iväg till dessa blöta Kungahälla Medeltidsdagar) för sen kommer augusti med Medeltidsveckan och vad det innebär efteråt.

Jag beslutade mig för att ta mig tillbaka till skolan igen efter över ett år inom äldrevården. Jag saknar definitivt inte att kravla mig ur sängen innan klockan 06:00 på morgonen men saknaden av lönen är enorm såhär när man går på CSN-bidrag.

Men före skolstart fick jag panik och drog iväg en sväng till London med Lucy i slutet av augusti. EPIC. Men piercingen jag fixade i Camden (en rook) gick åt helvete.
Så jag testade en intim variant istället. Den är geni(t)alisk.
Men skolan då? Jag upptäckte i september att pendling med buss inte är skitkul när det finns bieffekter. I september gjorde även mohawken comeback i mitt liv tillsammans med nya glasögon.
Sedan var det dags för scifi-mässa igen i oktober! Första gången det varit två scifi-mässor i Göteborg på ett år och det gick strålande - det säger jag mest för att jag fick en autograf från Jenette Goldstein.
I november åkte jag på RFSL Ungdoms Medlemsträff och jag har aldrig i mitt liv haft sådan träningsvärk i skrattmusklerna.
Så kom då december och året rullar in mot slutstationen. Känslorna går i cirklar för december har varit en händelselös månad. Vilket syns på bloggen eftersom 90% av inläggen handlar om film eller tv-serier om det inte handlar om min ensamma bitterhet.

Jag har upptäckt mer om mig själv. Jag har läst en massa böcker (49 st) och sett en galen mängd filmer (jag slutade räkna vid 180, det var i våras). Jag har köpt en massa vackra skor. Jag accepterar mig själv mer. Jag har blivit mer engagerad i RFSL Ungdom vilket jag absolut ska fortsätta med 2012.
Nästa år ska bli ännu mer kick-ass, jag ska inte be om ursäkt för att jag är den jag är när jag är det, jag ska bli mer påläst om historiska händelser, nutidsfrågor och nördvetenskap. Jag ska älska mer, jag ska kramas mer och jag ska skratta mer men jag ska fortfarande bli upprörd och brinna för mina intressen.

But enough ranting, it's time for celebration!

A Happy New 2012 To Everyone!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Just a little angry

I follow a lot of body-positive, self-esteem positive, queer, intellectual and feminist blogs because I, like many other women, need to work on my body-confidence but sometimes I get just as angry with them as I get with everything else on this planet.
I read this tumblr post
and went into a complete bitch-fit.

My self-worth is partly based on what I do which means that if I can’t be in “the real world” despite feeling sick about ignorant and/or bigoted individuals, I’m useless. If what I have to do is sit cooped up in my room in my house with no contact with the outside world just in order to drop my inferiority complex I might just as well kill myself because to me, that’s not a life. I need books, I need movies, I need news, I need debate and I need other people to feel good. Of course I can choose to only be with people that accept me completely as I am, that’s what I’m striving for, but I can’t be afraid of meeting and getting to know new people because they might prove to have another opinion from me or think little of me. That’s up to them. And on the subject of fashion and gossip: I don’t give a flying fuck how thin Angelina Jolie looked on this or that premiere because I know that that dress would look better on my curves. Because I have them - she doesn't.

So what? Well, I’m curious. I’m overweight. I’m queer. I’m sexual. I'm emotional. I’m feminist. I’m pro-choice. I’m fine with that. It’s “the real world” that’s not fine and needs changing but you can't undo all that wrong from behind a computer.

Monday, 26 December 2011


Back in 2003 the HBO series Carnivàle aired for the first time and went on for two years (in two seasons) before they killed it.
I’d be the first one to admit to liking HBO productions (Deadwood, Band of Brothers, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones etc) because they often include suggestive themes, bad language, violence and nudity which makes it feel more raw, closer to reality or natural if you will. Life isn't PG-13 and therefore what I choose to watch on tv shouldn't be either.

Carnivàle takes place in the 1930’s and circles around an ambivalent Methodist preacher (Clancy Brown - Gargoyles, Pet Sematary 2, Cowboys & Aliens) on the one hand and on the other an insecure young man (Nick Stahl - Sin City, Terminator 3). After his mother's death the young man, Ben Hawkings by name, joins a moving carnival show (complete with strippers, a freak show and carousels). The two men are connected through prophetic dreams and special powers of the heavenly and hellish kind.
Other notable characters are the mysterious carnival boss Samson (Michael J. Anderson – Mulholland Dr., Twin Peaks) who does his best to lead Hawkings in the right direction, and the young and unwilling fortune teller Sofie (the amazing Clea DuVall - Faculty, Ten Inch Hero, Heroes) whose wishes mainly extend to finding a way out of the carnie life.

Personally, the whole Heaven vs. Hell is getting quite old after eight seasons of Supernatural but strangely enough I still enjoy it thanks to all that's surrounds that core. The relationships between people are complicated and often quite incestuous like it is in small tightly knit groups of people. What also struck me as positive was the fact that nothing is romanticized or particularly glamorous.
I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is but the series remind me of Firefly. It has something to do with the music. And the dirt.
Oh, the dirt.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

♥ Christina Hendricks

I can't stop adoring this woman. You too? Visit this tumblr.

This thing Christmas

I’ve got opinions about most things. People who know me also know that. Due to that I feel like I need to have opinions about Christmas as well.

Here goes:
Christmas was supposed to be about the celebration of the birth of Christ with the slight problem being that all evidence points to Jesus having been born in the spring while the heathens (that would be us Northerners as opposed to the enlightened Southerners in Europe) celebrated Winter Solstice right about this time of year. The heathens, like so many after them, had to be taught the proper ways. To make things easier for them the bigwigs in Christendom decided to play with the timeline a little bit (like they hadn’t done that before) and suddenly Christ was born on Christmas Day! Tadaaaaaa!

These days Christmas isn’t so much about spreading the supposed love of Jesus, but instead about who bought the biggest and priciest presents, or who did the most cooking, threw the biggest party, or has the biggest family. Add a fat old dude in a white beard and red suit (a version of Santa originally created by Coca Cola Company I might include) and voila; you’ve got yourself a commercialized pagan/Christian/capitalist holiday.

To me, religion has become quite problematic. It’s a thorn in my side because in the end it limits people and holds back identity development. Philosopher John Stuart Mill said that without deviant and dissident thoughts we could never make progress (in his book “On Liberty” from 1859). I strongly believe that if God created humankind “He” also intended there to be diversity.
So screw trolls and haters; I’m going to light a candle, have some mulled wine and fight my relatives for some ham without giving Jesus (or any other religious character for that matter) a single thought.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Yellow buns

I’m always a bit wary of trying out new recipes because deep within I’m still, just like I'm still a small child, afraid of a failed and inedible result. But lo and behold! Can’t keep my hands off these babies, can I? 

Saffron buns with vanilla filling. They’re delicious; I’ve had four today.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Thursday, 15 December 2011

All you need is friendship

I've been having tea, saffron buns and toffee with the delectable Lucy and yes, I really do feel better now that I've spewed some of that bitterness out. So much better in fact that I need to post a picture of myself proving that I'm ok.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The love-life

This describes my love-life. In case you're interested.

It makes me a little... bitter. And a little... tense.

Poll Results: Piercings... or tattoos?

Of my voters 62% favoured the answer both piercings and tattoos: very good for me, very good indeed. So there we have it: someone having both piercings and tattoos is sexier than the other options.


Ever read Grimm Fairy Tales from Zenescope Entertainment? No? I think you should. If you’re over 18 that is, because the horror comics that I’m talking about include nudity, hints to sex and rape, bad language and lots and lots of blood. It’s a new take on the classic fairytales like Red Riding Hood, The Pied Piper and Rapunzel and last but not least Alice in Wonderland. Innovative and sexy; fairy tales for grownups. Of course, it’s the kind of fairy tale intended for the generic man  - the women all wear skimpy outfits (think: “sexy” Halloween)  and the men are all manly men with chest-hair and big... swords. 

Problem is that I really like it when Alice turns out to be badass or the princess in The Frog Prince is a mean, selfish bitch. Or, for that matter, when the pigs in Three Little Pigs get slaughtered because they’re not really as diligent as in the original tale – they get what was coming. It’s a refreshing wind into the all black and white fairy tale landscape.

But they weren’t really the reason to why I’m posting because I took the advice of a few friends and started watching Grimm. The TV show. Most of my favourite series won’t be airing again until the beginning of January and Game of Thrones not until April so I need something to waste my time on.
Grimm is a cop drama with a fantasy twist. In modern Portland, Oregon, the cop Nick Burkhardt inherits the ability to see supernatural creatures inspired by the Grimm’s Fairy Tales and is tasked to hunt them down and rid the world of their terror. So basically, it’s Supernatural but with cops.
So far, I like the story but not the visuals. So I'm not overly impressed to say the least.

I couldn't stand Grimm for more than seven episodes. I found it boring and crudely made all the way through by then. Not a single character scooped me up and intrigued me. I had high hopes for Monroe (the Wieder Blutbad that helps our dear detective) but he couldn't make up for the negative things.
Sorry folks.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Guilty Pleasure: Moulin Rouge

I included a picture of Nostalgia Critic in my Comedy post which meant that I just happened to feel that perhaps I should see what he’s been up to lately. A musical it turned out. Weird. But still good and explains why a useless movie like Moulin Rouge have become some sort of phenomenon within the musical genre. I’ll return to that in another post.

And while we’re on the subject of my posts; I realized that most of my Hutt’s Little School of Movie Genres posts include only men. I recommend movies made by men, with men, usually for men. I apologize for that and promise to better myself and include some female actors and directors when possible. My problem is that I identify to a much larger extent with male characters. I identify with Han Solo, not Leia. With Shaun, not Liz. With Bishop or Hudson, not Ellen Ripley (did identify with Vasquez though, she’s mean... and hot).
I humbly beg for forgiveness.

Until next time.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Hutt’s Little School of Movie Genres: Comedy

It's time for the third installment of The Hutt’s Little School of Movie Genres and we've gathered this time to talk about Comedy.

This genre is deliberately designed to provoke laughter or amusement in the audience with slightly or very exaggerated situations, relationships and characters. Most often a comedy puts emphasis on being light-hearted but there is the odd exception of political or social commentary.
Comedy also includes romantic comedy, action comedy, slapstick, black comedy, satire and parody. Generally, comedies have happy endings except for black comedy (just consider how Burn After Reading and Fargo ends).

If you google “comedy movie” you’ll find a huge variety of different movies and actors, there’s an ocean deep enough to get lost and drown in. So get out there in the wide oceans and follow the advice of Dory: just keep swimming.

Jim Carrey (in tutu below), Tina Fey and Eddie Murphy are obviously huge modern actors in this genre while Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton completely owned the silent film era. 

To me, the buddy duo Nick Frost and Simon Pegg is unbeatable (and their director buddy Edgar Wright is gold, which is why they're all three in the bed below). Woody Allen has been a huge director within the rom-com genre (though not so big with me) while Kevin Smith is a personal favourite comedy director of mine.

Movies I’d recommend:
Withnail & I, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Kate & Leopold, The Great Dictator, Run Fatboy Run, Love and Other Disasters, A Night at the Opera, Hot Fuzz, Fight Club, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Ace Ventura – Pet Detective, A Fish Called Wanda, When Harry Met Sally, Shaun of the Dead, Clerks, Some Like It Hot, The Big Lebowski, Groundhog Day, Chasing Amy, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Paul, Sherlock Jr. (1924).

Friday, 9 December 2011

To be called a woman

Source: Andrej Daily

Sometimes you have to question why things are the way they are.

Godless heathens

Sarkasm - Religion 1-0

I really love USA when they're campaigning. And Youtube for providing it to me half-way across the globe.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Because I'm a nerd - hallelujah!

Because I can distance myself from my own person I can post pictures like the one below. Three years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead in any other colour than black but the truth is that I like colour. I just don’t think I look good in it.
Now I wouldn’t be caught dead giving a fuck about that.

I've got Legos in my earlobes. And Captain America on my t-shirt. And glasses. And no, I wouldn't mind another buscuit. Now that’s something.

Where's my tea?

Monday, 5 December 2011

Youtube your way to small victories

I'm not one to roam the realms of Youtube very often and have come to understand that I'm missing out on a few things now and then. Like memes. It was just yesterday that I actually found out what "Nyan Cat" is. It's been all over the place but I just couldn't bring myself to give enough of a fuck to check it out. And what's with all those weird faces? Distorted smileys? WHAT'S THE POINT OF IT?!!
The drummer has a point though; Orihime should be beaten with a baseball bat. Guess why I stopped watching Bleach.
At a second watch I also laughed at the Trololo song, llamas, the Rick Roll, pedo bear, double rainbow, banana phone, badgers, awesome faces, keyboard cat and other Youtube scourges (Rebecca Black included).

Thank you Jimmy. This is funny.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Damn you IMDb

I was doing some reading up on Firefly on IMDb and so stumbled upon the information that if I like Firefly I might like... Space - Above and Beyond from 1995.
Like, omg, it's awful. The pilot is 1,5 hours long and I've only got that far but the level of pretentiousness was driving me insane. They can't possibly have thought that it was a good idea. It's pure 90's CGI (hideous) and fashion (appalling) and with all them $5 000 000 per episode I don't see how that can be.

Oh well.
I'll just watch Cowboys & Aliens again. Much better. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

All warm and fuzzy inside

Jag har haft en helt fantastisk helg. Det finns inga andra ord för det.
Ända sedan jag kom hem i söndags kväll har jag funderat om och om igen hur jag skulle formulera mig för att beskriva RFSL Ungdoms Medlemsträff 2011 men jag kommer verkligen inte på något annat än att det var obeskrivligt roligt.

Det var inte bara så att vi var ett 40-tal hbtq:isar som samlades under ett tak i Linköping utan det var också en massa roligt och lärorikt runt om. Workshops, pyssel, kramar, skitsnack, sällskapsspel, skratt, film, föreläsningar, bus och kalkonbrottning. Jag sov ungefär 6 timmar mellan fredag (då vi åkte dit - ett äventyr i sig, kläm in 9 hbtq-personer i en minibuss och se vad som händer) och söndag (då samma minibuss med annan sammansättning av hbtq-personer drog iväg neråt landet igen) men jag var aldrig missnöjd med det. I söndags hade jag sån träningsvärk för att jag hade skrattat så mycket att jag hade problem med att gå och stå rakt.
Jag upptäckte snabbt glädjen i att ha en luftmadrass som håller luften. Min gjorde tyvärr inte det. Knarrar gör den också. Jag ska komma ihåg öronproppar till nästa gång.
Jag upptäckte också hur mycket jag älskar RFSL Ungdom. Jag blir tårögd av glädje och helt varm i hjärtat varje gång jag tänker på alla dessa underbara människor, vare sig de är en han, hon, hen, den eller det (älskar för övrigt också pronomenrundor) som vägrar följa normen och kämpar för att få vara just icke-normativa.

Jag är helt övertygad om att RFSL Ungdom med alla personer som jag mött genom organisationen har gjort mig till en bättre människa som vågar mer. Så kom ihåg att:
Ni är fantastiska!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Because I'm a nerd

And whoever it was that made the Gryffindor ties purple instead of scarlet for the Harry Potter movies should be shot and fed to the lions. It’s been nagging at me ever since the very start because the scarves and ties from before WB started selling merchandise were both much prettier and truer to the story. You can’t see them in this picture but I’m wearing a pair of deep purple tights to this outfit and the tie matches perfectly.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Please dear God, make it stop

I long so immensely for the day when Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is released. Not because I appreciate the Twilight Saga but because I hate them so bad I want it to be over. All that stupidity.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

"I see dead people..."

I have discovered a new tv series. At first I just kept watching because someone recommended it but now I'm officially hooked. Of course it’s good but now I’m finally getting the excellence of it since I finally understand what it's about and how deep it goes. It took me about five episodes before my little epiphany so yeah... I know, I know - I’m slow. It's disturbing in a good way.
I’m watching American Horror Story.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

"I think you pissed off my sandwich."

This video will probably be taken down from Youtube because of copyright reasons but I just wanted to share a little Supernatural with you while it's up. The latest episode is hilarious - back to how it used to be when they had a sense of humour left and actually made fun of the characters a little now and then and made use of my favourite kind of humour: the morbid word puns ("human burrito" hell yes...). Well, it's Dean's turn to get the bad luck-stick slammed in his face.
Enjoy it while it lasts!

Friday, 18 November 2011

The Hutt on: Commuting

I’m a commuter. I’m commuting to get to school. Bus. Tram. And back again. Takes about two hours one way. It’s cheaper than driving myself and I can sleep while on the road. And I don’t like rush hour traffic whether I’m on a bus or driving myself either way so...
Lately though, my fellow commuters have been bizarrely irritating. I’m OK with people who dress funny or act strange, I’m even OK with people listening to loud music which just happens to seep through their in-ear headphones because after all I can always block that out in one way or another. What bothers me are those around me that can’t keep track of their own body odours; women who bathe in vomitory perfumes or men who could do with that bath. Three weeks ago! Because I don’t keep a gasmask with me at all times. I don’t expect to be bombarded with somebody else’s personal stink. The way I see it it’s a common courtesy to not make the people around you want to vomit but then there’s always some arsehole with a differing opinion. They can keep that to themselves thank you very much.

Note to self: GET GASMASK.

Or I could just snap and go medieval on their asses with a cricket bat. It doesn't really matter to me.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Latent obsessions

I might have exaggerated a little bit when I said that Rick “Zombie Boy” Genest was a passing obsession. It’s more like a latent interest. Whenever I find something interesting about him the whole thing streams straight back to the surface again and I'm off on a frantic search for more. I think what interests me most is that he constantly appears in “normal” media as some piece of art, something extraordinary (“kids, look at the freak, we paid good money for this”). He’s going down runways for the big fashion houses and the next day you’ll see him in Vogue or something similar. Which is weird since there's no other niche as narrow as fashion.
He did a campaign for Auslander together with the extremely androgynous fashion model Andrej Pejic. That’s some magical pictures. These boys have chemistry.

Look at this...

...and this...

...which just happens to be my favourites.
Just wanted to share.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

"To conquer fat..."

Reginald D. Hunter.

No. I'm not trying to avoid schoolwork by going on hazardous ventures on Youtube. Not at all. Nope. Would never do that. Not me.

Life - it kinda sucks eh?

Scott Pilgrim sure knows how to put it.
Lite för mycket just nu. Lite för mycket som jag borde ha gjort men som inte har blivit gjort. Lite för mycket som inte går som jag vill att det ska gå. Lite för mycket som förvirrar. Lite för lite tillgångar. Mycket för lite tid över till att umgås med folk jag tycker om.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Dara O'Briain is a gamer...

...and he's funny too. And he's Irish.

Speaking of Irish, also see the comedians: Dylan Moran and Ed Byrne.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The hour-glass

I found a gif of particular interest this morning. Now, I knew that Christina Hendricks (yes, I will keep talking about her, so eat it up or leave) had assets in the shape of great talent… no wait, that sounded so wrong, lets start over:

I ranted like hell last year about how Hollywood pressures beautiful women to diet in order to fit into the size 0 ideal. Therefore I was sorely disappointed when I stumbled upon an article saying that Hendricks was to try and lose weight because of the comments she’d been receiving about her figure. One of these comments (coming from an openly gay fashion commentator) was something in the style of “big girls shouldn’t wear this sort of dress” when Hendricks showed up to a premiere in a shape-hugging dress that made me and many of my male friends have to collect our jaws from where we dropped them. She was in short stunning. And I just didn’t think that she’d care about trolls. Thankfully, it seems I was right in the end. She seems to have become even more in-your-face and refuses to dress down.

On the other hand I’ve got a theory about why people over and over are trying to reduce Hendricks to tits and ass – it’s simple jealousy. Not many women are as well endowed as her. My first encounter with Hendricks was with Firefly where she portrayed the conniving Saffron and I found her not only stunning (there’s something about redheads) but also a very good actress. It was when I watched Firefly for the fifth or sixth time that I discovered that Saffron had quite a rack. What I’m trying to say is that it wasn’t her body that I noticed first but her ironic smile and flowing little voice.
Wow, that sounded much like a love declaration!
In that case I’d like to send some love to Kate Winslet who still refuses the hand of Photoshop to retouch her fantastic figure and Helena Bonham Carter who despite constant trolling stays awesome and unique.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I need this

I’ve been watching all four seasons of Mad Men in a short period of time (fifth season arrive in 2012, yay). Though I know it’s supposed to be true to how it was in the beginning of the sixties I found the series degrading. Some say it’s sexy and yes, the clothes are far beyond eye-catching close to breathtaking. Christina Hendricks personifies voluptuous and lovely.

Back to my point though. Mad Men is both sexist and racist. I didn't feel the least bit of sympathy for our main man Donald Draper and almost couldn't see anything else through the haze of alcohol and cigarette smoke. But the clothes are nice. The thing is to be aware of it's limits I guess. And Christina Hendricks is gorgeous. Did I tell you that already?

Mad Men inspired me a bit garment-wise so now I need the following dress. I’d look stunning, I swear.

Now you know what I’d want for X-Mas.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Pimping the skin you're in - Part III

I'll start small. Like I said before: I've go(a)t plans but they will be better off with another tattoo artist I've checked out years ago. We'll see.

Piercing healing well. I should have done this much earlier.

Sweet dreams

 Look. Look! LOOK! It's my dream bed! It's perfect!

It has everything I could ever want for.
 Do want.
I guess I'll fucking have to build it.


When I explained my adoration for Black Books to one of my new classmates she recommended me to watch The Mighty Boosh since, she asserted, it was much the same sort of humour.

It’s not.

I’ve gone through the whole first season now and though I chuckle from time to time it’s not like I can’t wipe my stupid grin off like I can’t with Black Books. I think it has something to do with cynicism. Boosh is mostly embarrassing so far. It’s like a mix of the excellent verbally evil Black Books and the horrid Mr. Bean – the King of scum, bad slapstick and physical humiliation.
Heh... “the Ku Klux Goose”... lol.
Ten minutes into season two they’ve taken my 4½ favourite character’s (Naboo, Bollo, Howard, Vince’s hair and Vince - the others are absolute rubbish) and some awkward jokes. We might... might... be getting somewhere. Oh, word puns! Awesome.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Agorafobiker i vardande

Det är ett mirakel att en överlever ett ställe som Ge-Kås utan större skador. Undrar hur många som blir ihjältrampade där per år. Eller möjligen överkörda av kundvagnar eller får ett par revben brutna för att små ilskna tanter kör in armbågarna i dem. Geez Louise... Jag hade fortfarande ont i hälsenan som kördes på när jag kom hem därifrån igår. Den och min älskade rumpa som folk körde in i gång på gång som om det mirakulöst skulle ge dem livets alla svar.

Eftersom jag är fattig som ett hjon så tänkte jag inte inhandla några större mängder grejer. Vilket jag inte heller tyckte att jag gjorde. Hm. Hur som haver så fick jag äntligen tag i ett par chinos som satt bra (aka det ser inte ut som att jag har en jättesnabel framtill i byxan), en jättesöt blus (med ”ROSETT!!”) och (här gick jag emot mina principer) en One-Piece (eller Jumpsuit som de tvingas att kalla det för att inte trampa in i någon annans Copyright-träsk).

Det briljanta med en One-Piece är att den går att använda vid ganska många tillfällen men gemensamt för alla dessa tillfällen är att de sker inom hemmets väggar. Oftast i total ensamhet. De är nämligen gräsligt(!) fula de där plaggen. Min är svart med rosa foder. Så även om svart är en genial färg så kan inte ens svart göra en One-Piece bärbar bland folk. Med andra ord så går One-Piece till skolan fet-bort... men att sova i den är galet mysigt.

Det var lite svettigt där ett tag mitt i en vild hord med shoppingsugna kvinnor i varierande ålder. Min vilt stirrande blick. Paniken. Men jag överlevde. Phew. Och jag fick dessutom tag i den vattenfasta svarta eyelinern jag skulle dit för från början. Men jag glömde köpa en termos.

Friday, 4 November 2011

We meet again Mr. Winch

A few weeks ago a friend of mine recommended me to see Largo Winch 1 and 2 and since I’m not late to follow up on movie related advice…

Largo Winch is played by the French award winning comedian Tomer Sisely and let me tell you, this guy isn’t just a pretty face: through the movie he speaks three different languages, does many of his own stunts and generally kicks ass. He’s charming and looks absolutely delicious. What I love most about Sisely is that he’s something as unique as VERY GOOD AT ENGLISH. I don’t mean to be opinionated but the truth is that in my experience the French aren’t usually very good at English and I admire people who can speak languages without sounding as if they just skipped the lessons on pronunciation. Languages are also important for me to create a realistic setting because honestly, English isn’t the native tongue of the entire planet - no matter what the Hollywood movie corporations might have been telling you just to please the crowd too lazy to read subtitles. Personally, I love subtitles since they taught me English at a young age and allow me to watch thousands of different movie masterpieces from all over the world.

The story is as follows: a secretive billionaire by the name of Nerio Winch is murdered where after the adoptive son Largo, hidden since birth and adventurer at heart, is announced heir upon which various problems ensue when Largo needs to sort out his father’s mistakes.

Now, the first movie was awesome from start to finish but I guess I’ll have to blame my love for language –savvy actors, conspiracy theories and pretty boys for that opinion. The second movie is a bit more… desperate somehow. Sisely is there, the different languages are there and the conspiracy theories are there but I guess they didn’t spend as much time on finding at least decent actors this time. A bright beacon of light to look out for is the butler Gauthier who’s just hilarious.

Unfortunately, I haven’t read the novels or the comics about Largo Winch, who apparently was supposed to try and rival James Bond but I don’t know… I think that’s impossible for anyone. Largo is more like Bruce Wayne for whom the money is just a bonus and the hero costume is redundant. On the other hand I have nothing to compare the movies to in terms of base material
Anyway, I enjoyed the movies, it was great fun and so THANK YOU.

More recommendations coming?

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Bitter much?

"Don't make me laugh... bitterly. Fran will fail, you'll toil your life away, and I'll die alone, upside down on the floor of a pub toilet."
- Bernard Black, Black Books, The Entertainer

Keep swimming

Jag är sjukt trött på tentaplugg. Har läst igenom allt igen. Och igen. Nu vill jag göra annat. Jag vet att allt kommer att försvinna lagom till klockan 09:55 imorgon. Tenta klockan 10:00

P.S. Donald Draper i Mad Men är en horbock. Finns det en karaktär som tigger om att bli kastrerad av en organiserad flock förargade kvinnor så är det han.

Monday, 31 October 2011

♥ Tom Waits

I've listened my way through Tom Waits' new album Bad As Me several times now and immediately fell like the Berlin wall for one of the songs. It's the greatest anti-war song I've listened to lately. It's so angry you can feel it. Awesome.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Itching fingers

You know when people tell you that there is something you can’t do? You didn’t really consider doing it before someone told you not to.
Not that it’s illegal or even immoral but it’s just something you don’t normally spend too much time with. It was only after someone told me not to do a particular thing that I suddenly have an urge to do just that.
All the time.
But I can’t.
And it’s driving me nuts.

It's a jar... of dirt

I make my own muesli (true story) and I keep it in a jar (No! Really? I would never have guessed). Ironically enough, it's just the kind of jar that Jack Sparrow lugs around in Pirate's of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest. So every time I eat breakfast and bring out The Jar I start humming a song.
What song?
"I've got a jar of dirt" of course.

Hats off to NeonHurricane on YouTube. He's made a song that really sticks.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Pimping the skin you're in - Part II

It’s gorgeous! I hope to a well-tattooed God that this piercing will make it. The piercer I go to (the one whose statistics of successful piercings on me is so far 100% - she really is awesome) basically told me that this can’t go wrong. In all her years no one has ever failed to heal it.  So I’m not very worried. It’s well protected. I have high hopes and almost regret going to the Piercing Bible – I found lots of pictures of botched piercings. Ugh.
Also took care to find out when I can book a session for my next tattoo. It’ll probably be at some point in March. I’ve got plans I tell you. Go(a)t plans.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Pimping the skin you're in

It’s ridiculous that I’d need someone to hold my hand in order for me to not chicken out. I'm still not 100% certain of this. I should be by now - been planning it for a while. Lets see what they can do for me.

...and I wasn't at all inspired by a recent mini-obsession.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Zombie Rico

Since a friend of mine posted this a couple of days ago (so cool) I've been looking into the phenomenon of Zombie Boy. OK, not like it's become an obsession like many other things have but still... I was curious. Call it a mini-obsession if you will.
Then I was stunned for a moment.
Because I found this:

There. He's officially out of my system.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

It's Halloween baby!

Well, almost. Soon. It doesn't stop us from having a party.
At first, I considered something that wouldn't show my face... like Oogie Boogie from A Nightmare Before Christmas but after realizing how much work that was and how little time I had left after school that just wasn't an option. So... Día de los Muertos felt lika a much better option. I spent no money on this costume but just used whatever was home. 

It turned out OK. No one knew what I was supposed to be. Ignorant brats. They had never heard about it. I was a little disappointed. But I had a lot of fun anyway. With my BFF princess Fiona. She spent a lot more time on her costume.

Yeah. She did some planning that one. Preeeetty!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Going through history...

At the time, in school we’re going through the importance of history in International Relations. Basically, it’s everything. To everyone. Anyhoooow… We were forced to watch a documentary in three pieces by BBC and now I’m recommending it to you guys.

It's disturbing but very educational. I'd like to warn anyone who can be a little sensitive because it's very violent.
No, really. I'm no softie and I thought it was nothing but horrible.

The impact of this part of the documentary (there are two other parts, equally educational) is even greater when considered how there are still people who think that because of different levels of melanin in different peoples skin you suddenly have an excuse to beat on certain groups.
It's sick.

Here's a quote out of the video that kind of speaks for itself when it comes to American racism:
"White America has maintained to this day control of the history of racial violence as victors. If we live in a occupied country intellectually, and as long as White America maintains the power and maintains the myth of moral superiority, the history will never become public, fully public, and be written into our national conscience."
- James Allen

I hope you watch it. And then go read Edward Said's work "Orientalism".

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Livet med sidecut

Jag trivs oförskämt bra i min sidecut.
Eller vad är det egentligen? Om man nu ska vara sån så är jag ju rakad på båda sidor av huvudet och ska alltså kalla det en mohawk istället. Eller förlåt, Chelsea hawk, jag har ju trots allt lugg. Och "polisonger". Men då blir det också en lazy Chelsea hawk eftersom jag inte stylar upp den i kam. Ever. Komplicerad situation eller hur? Dun-dun-dun! Vardagsdramatiken som jag skapar i ordvalet för att jag är så enormt uttråkad.
Vad man än väljer att kalla det så är det awesome.


Om man funderar på att skaffa sidecut är det nog ganska bra om man tänker efter riktigt ordentligt. Anledningen till att jag lät det växa ut förra gången jag hade samma frisyr var för att jag kände mig oerhört begränsad i mina frisyrval. Man får bli väldigt kreativ med det man har eller låta det växa ut - vilket tar tid. Lång tid.

Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin

Den stora händelsen den här helgen var föreläsningen jag var på igår med Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin i Borås hos RFSL Borås. Jag är sjukt besviken på hur Borås Tidning skrev om föreläsningen idag eftersom det inte bara var slarvigt skrivet utan också innehöll faktafel som bara kommer att späda på mytbildningen kring Ohlsons fotografier. Artikeln finns inte ens online vilket är synd eftersom jag var med på bilden som togs till artikeln.

Ohlson är mest känd för sin utställning Ecce Homo som fick jättemycket uppmärksamhet när den visades första gången 1998 och fortsätter att få väldigt mycket uppmärksamhet än idag. Som Ohlson säger själv så är sex och religion två ämnen som får väldig sprängkraft när de blandas. Det är kontroversiellt och det behövs för att öppna ögonen på folk men framför allt för att få dem att använda hjärnan till att tänka efter med.
Ohlson har sedan dess gjort mycket andra utställningar bland annat Helgon, In Hate We Trust, Kapade Kroppar och Jerusalem. In Hate We Trust handlar om hatbrott riktade mot hbt-personer, den är väldigt politisk och min absoluta favorit i raden av hennes arbeten.
Det är det som Ohlson tar upp i In Hate We Trust som jag vill uppmärksamma min omgivning på och förmå dem att hjälpa mig med att förhindra - offentliga personer som ohindrat kan resa sig upp och spruta ur sig hatpropaganda (politiska/religiösa ledare), hbt-personer blir utvisade till länder där deras sexualitet är kriminaliserad och straffas med hängning osv osv.

Foto: Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin
Pieta - del av Ecce Homo. Jesus nertagen från korset i armarna på Maria eller en aidssjuk man i famnen på en sjuksyster. Avdelning 53 (skylten skymtas i bakgrunden), Södersjukhuset Stockholm, är den plats på vilken en del av Ohlsons vänner har gått bort i AIDS. Jag själv tycker att bilden har ungefär samma effekt som att skära stark lök och sen gnida in ögonen med saften. Man kan inte informera för mycket om hiv/AIDS. 

Foto: Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin
Hallelujah - del av In Hate We Trust. Direkt efter att Åke Green berättat för församlingen om att homosexualitet, jo minsann, det är en cancersvulst på samhällskroppen så gick kopplingarna direkt till Hitler och nazisterna som menade att judarna var ett gift på samhällskroppen. Vad gör man med cancern? Jo, man skär bort den. Green friades från anklagelser om hets mot folkgrupp. Det kryper fortfarande i skinnet på mig när jag tänker på det. Det är något sjukt med religionen.

Foto: Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin
Förakt - del av In Hate We Trust. Göran Hägglund vräker ur sig i morgon-tv att det inte är OK att två personer av samma kön adopterar eller skaffar barn tillsammans. KD står fast vid sin åsikt att familjen ska bannemej ha både mamma och pappa, något de uttryckligen säger i sina principprogram. Men... ensamstående föräldrar ska tydligen ges extra stöd. Är det då alltså bättre med en ensam förälder än två av samma kön? Underligt hörru Hägglund, underligt.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Facebook's IMDb Challenge - continuing

Back when I took the test the first time I'd seen 80 of the 100 top rated movies on IMDb. Last time I did it I got 97 of 100 which means I've got three left on that list. They sort of coincide with the movies in 1001 (1079) Movies You Must See Before You Die and that... that I approve of.
Speaking of those 1001 (really 1079 adding what was edited away to make room for new masterpieces) I'd just like to add that I've reached 333 (or 379). I've seen a little under one third of all the movies and I'm still jealous of all the people who've seen so many more of them than I have.
Oh well, now for lunch.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

SoA - it lives

Checking out the fourth season of Sons of Anarchy.
Known faces keep showing up - Danny Trejo to be the last one to turn his scarred frown to the camera.
Loving it! Can't. Stop. Watching.
Dammit. And here I was supposed to be reading.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Det är när en stirrar ut på frosten som en inser hur svinkallt det blivit. Fram med vinterkapporna alltså. Trots att de är världsbäst så vill jag inte att det ska vara så kallt att jag måste använda dem. Dilemma. I-landsproblem.  Jag har i alla fall vinterkappa (om en nu tvångsmässigt måste se något positivt i det hela).

Jag som inte ens har pengar i större utsträckning har bara under det här veckoslutet gjort en och annan secondhand och lågprisbutik regionen över osäkra. En vintageklänning där, en handväska där, ett par klackar… Det är vackert och inte så dyrt men att plötsligt få spelet och anstränga budgeten med ett par nya glasögonen var kanske onödigt för någon som får pengar från CSN (som för övrigt äntligen fattat vinken och gett mig pengar 6 veckor in på terminen, by divine intervention). Mais, je ne regrette rien.

Halloweenkostymen är fortfarande inte närmare färdigställning. Mest för att det måste finnas en grundidé om den ska färdigställas, så by default så har jag inget klart än. 2 veckor kvar till den första maskeraden tillägnad Halloween. Jag hade en idé men sen kom jag på att alkoholhaltiga drycker och svärd aldrig är en bra kombo. Moving on, alltså…

Dessutom kan jag skriva in ännu en rook till rullorna. Jag stod ändå ut i 6 veckor (4 veckor mer än förra gången) men sen jag tog ur läkningssmycket har jag inte bara slutat att vara konstant yr och trött utan också slutat vara smått illamående den mesta av tiden.
Konstaterande: inga fler broskpiercingar för den här nörden.



One thing led to another and then I just sat laughing for a while.

It's funny becuase it's true. I have friends like all of the monsters.

Yes. There are nerds of all kinds. Again, I recognize some of my friends in the characters in the video. Not the religious nuts but the other freaks. Your home is where your piece of nerdiness is law beit Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Battlefield, Star Trek or otherwise.
Love Firefly or die. It'll change your life. True story.

I was just about to post more videos but realized that you can just as well look them up yourselves. Try everything starting with "Troopers:". Because it's awesome.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Heil Grammatik

I'm a proud Grammar Nazi of the Swedish language. If there's someone who'll complain about your spelling or grammar it will probably be me. In English, not so much though. It doesn't bother me. OK, maybe a little.
I don't like faulty grammar. Or obvious spelling mistakes. I hate when translators of good grammatically sound books written in English suddenly turn to Swedish slang becuase it suits them. That's why I prefer reading in the original language whenever I can. In English if nothing else is possible.

Referral confusion

While checking out my stats recently I realized that there was a referral address that showed up a lot, actually it’s the top referral site in the last month.
Deciding to investigate this site further proved to be a mistake since it only made me even more confused. The site is (Torrent Tracker) and right smack on the first page I found a forum thread that could perhaps tell me why they’re referring their users to my blog. Apparently, someone on linked to my blog in a forum. Not that I can find out who did so or why because I’ll have to join the site first and be active for a certain amount of time before getting access to the private forums where allegedly the link was posted. So, frack it.
However irritating I might find it, it’s also quite flattering.
Keep linking people! Spread the word!
Let this little Hutt in...

Monday, 3 October 2011


Autumn is here and as long as it's dry, still and sunny I'm fine with it.

But what can be better on a sunny day than being inside a convention centre and sharing that claustrophobic happiness with thousands of other nerds? Not much I tell you, not much.
The Swedish movie Arn: The Knight Templar had lots of props on display and since I quite like the movie I checked it out.

There were also other props. In the picture below: Harry Potter, Silence of the Lambs, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark among others.

I caught a pig-like creature hugging a snowtrooper on picture as well... She's got a nice new bag on her. Hmm. "Pure Evil Since '77"? You bet!

Same pig-like creature with an unknowing stormtrooper.

Here's what I know about the Star Wars costumes: Yes, they're very warm. Yes, they're very expensive. Yes, it's funny as hell walking around in them.

I'm just regretting not getting a picture of Jenette Goldstein when I got her autograph. Dang it. She even gave me compliments on my English! Awesomes.

Friday, 30 September 2011


Essay sent. Anxiety deluxe.
Now for a weekend in the spirit of scifi. I'll start with listening to the Browncoats Mixtape.

Still awake y'all

Yep, still working on that essay. But I'm getting there. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.
So either it's the train of complete sleep deprivation (or self-destruction) or it's actually daylight (or the end of this five week course in Political Theory). Mmm, trains.

And I've got two moose eating off my appletree. True story.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

What he said

As from 1PM today I have 24 hours to write an essay for school. Not a long one. Two pages at most. But it's political theories and my brain is about to trickle out my ears. Head implosion is imminent. I've had about five cups of coffee since I started writing.

I heard someone say something about it getting easier after a beer or two but I'm not completely convinced. I suspect where it'll end. This remembering that I'm the one that quoted Mr. Spock in an essay in Belfast. That, too, was done after a full night of coffee.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Here we go again

Jag ska inte säga för mycket nu men jag tror att jag kan ha börjat med min c-uppsats igen.


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Betraktelser och överlevnad

Det är helt fantastiskt med nya människor. Det finns en kille i min klass som ser ut som en mullig Beaker från Mupparna. Coolt. Och en som ser ut som Jackson Rathbone. Fast med det där bekymrade Johnny Depp-uttrycket i ansiktet. Konstant rynkad panna.

Kan också påpeka att jag tagit mig levande genom två examinationsseminarium hittills den här veckan. Hemtentan för den här kursen ska skrivas på 24 timmar mellan torsdag och fredag. Med andra ord - under de 24 timmarna är jag okontaktbar.

Tur att veckan avslutas på allra bästa sätt med Scifi-mässan.