Thursday, 29 March 2012

Boycott Bay - he'll ruin TMNT

I have to admit, somewhat involuntarily, I hardly knew what Transformers were before the movies came out and I didn't become a fan after the movies either (at first because of Megan Fox and then because of poor story) but I know several hardcore nerds that were quite disappointed with Michael Bay's interpretation of the franchise. The artist JollyJack (or Phillip M Jackson or collectedcurious on YouTube) seems to have been one of the most furious of the bunch. He has now grown tired of Michael Bay's violation to everything Transformers (even though the franchise did experience a boost from the movies no doubt) and wants to prevent future abuse to the next franchise Bay's about to slaughter - TMNT.
He's angry. So he made a video. I think he's hilarious. So I share it. And that's it.


Monday, 26 March 2012

Friday, 23 March 2012


Not a whole lot of things going on here is there? I’ll rage and rant one day and for the next week there’s nothing but radio silence.
I can tell you that I have a The Hutt’s Little School of Movie Genres coming along nicely but it’ll take me a few more days. It’s been too long. Instead there's been a big bag of nasty schoolwork in the way of anything that's the least bit amusing. Eugh.

Friday, 16 March 2012

The lovely Kirsten Vangsness

On the bright side I just figured out that the lovely Kirsten Vangsness (the gorgeous computer geek in Criminal Minds) is lesbian which makes her even more awesome than I thought anyone could ever be. She’s my hero now.

Am honestly considering constructing some sort of shrine to her honour.

Haters make me go librarian-poo

I’m sorry for my absence but there’s been… stuff. OK, I admit. I really don’t have any excuses to line up for You and I really don’t have to. I’m angry with the world.

 - My life is going nowhere fast.
 - I think I’m definitely slipping in school.
 - My back is still killing me.
 - And the latest topic with the Swedes on Facebook is hairy armpits. No joke. A woman was caught on screen a week ago in the audience of the biggest and most popular music competition of our country with unshaved armpits. A young man thought that this seemed like an excellent time to troll this woman and tell Facebook what a disgusting human being she was for not shaving off that hair. The whole thing spiralled out of control so he removed the picture but by then about 2000 people had already “liked” the post in which he explained to everyone about how revolted he was by her. OK, we get it. He doesn’t like women with hairy armpits. But you don’t see me walking over to him and beating his fucking face in with a baseball bat because I find him revolting. You don’t even see me writing it on Facebook. Why? It’s not my place to do so. Just like it’s not his place to tell anyone what to do with their own bodies. He’s not even fit to be on the same planet as women. Two days later I read in a newspaper about how a guy thinks Swedish women are boring since they only wear black. What business is that of his? Why do certain men make it their mission to make women feel like shit however much we try? One of men’s privileges in life is to look at us women because we’re beautiful, every motherfucking one of us, and men don’t dictate what we wear or don’t wear or what we shave or don’t shave. Every one of those choices are ours and ours alone.
The internet’s anonymous ways of trolling are truly getting on my tits.

Oh, yeah. For all you people out there who doesn't read the Discworld series: "Librarian-poo" means "apeshit". Because the librarian is an ape.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Stories told in gifs

A friend om mine asked me to write her a few short stories for her birthday since she likes them and I'm a poor little student who can't really think of anything else to give her. Poor in the brain department as well I guess.

At first I was like:

And couldn't really think of what to write.
But then I was like:

Now I've got 3½ short stories for her.
And I know she'll be like:

And then when she was done I was like:

Monday, 5 March 2012

Män i högklackat

Alltså... det här med könsspecifikt mode. Mr. Spookshow tänjer gränserna. Personligen tycker jag att han är helt fantastisk. Och hans skor är ännu bättre.
I advocate fashion freedom.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Never Mind The Buzzcocks - Doctor style

Hosted by David Tennant (10th Doctor) for the Doctor Who Special:

I've got a question for Catherine Tate though; how can someone be on Doctor Who for 17 episodes as a companion to the Doctor and still not know anything about the show? I find that truly odd.

Hosted by John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness):

That John Barrowman really makes me laugh. And look! There's Noel Fielding's hair again as we might remember being one of the main characters from The Mighty Boosh.


It’s ridiculous. It’s absolutely ridiculous. But also, like small orgasms for the ears.
Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston, two men with very unique voices.
One man did a voice over for some Jaguar ads (that I keep listening to because of, correct, that voice!) and will be the voice of Smaug when the day comes for the second Hobbit movie. The other man doesn’t really talk, does he? He purrs! Makes me happy I’m a cat person to tell you the truth. Makes the experince all the more pleasant.
Feel the bromance!

Haven't seen War Horse yet but think I will pretty soon. Pretty soon.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Not for me

At least I tried, right? As it turns out there will be no San Diego Comic-Con for me this year. Another year perhaps. All tickets sold out in two hours and since there was a problem with the link I was supposed to follow to get my badges I ended up so far back in line that I got nothing. A big nothing. But hey, like I said; at least I tried. I’m not bitter.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Going away

I wish I had the time to get lost in books again. What I have now is one exam on Monday and another a week later. I’m less than thrilled. Ready for a break-down any moment now.
My back is killing me.
And I’m deep in love with the 10th Doctor. Suit and sneakers. Sideburns and reading glasses. He’s my man alright. I’ve got a plan for when the TARDIS comes for me. But only if the 10th Doctor is driving.