Monday, 28 July 2014

The bookish type

I'm the first to admit I'm the bookish type of person. I love books. Books of most kinds. I can be rather picky about what I choose to read but I adore books. There's nothing quite like it. I buy books for the people I love. I give books away. I read books. I aquire books from all sorts of places. I collect them by the hundreds. Observe:

Pile on the left: MINE. My loot. My precious. Pile on the right: half of them are part of a gift for a good friend for his birthday, the other half is what he bought himself. You see, my friends love books too. The best kind of people appreciates books.

Mmmmmmm, I love the smell of books in my presence.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


The highlight of my year is usually any medieval themed market and/or festival that I attend and previously I've visited 1-3 of them each year. This year the only medieval festival that I'll attend is The Medieval Week on Gotland. As I write, it's four weeks away and I feel like shit because I haven't made any new clothes for this year's festival wardrobe. Actually, I'm still mending last year's clothes. Last year I made a wonderful green kirtle with hand-made buttons on front and sleeves. I loved it to bits. Quite literally. It's such an amazing dress I wore it for half of the week despite having loads of other dresses. So I'm mending it to be able to wear it again all the while daydreaming about what I can make with the big pile of linen and wool fabrics I bought last autumn in the post-medieval-fun state of euphoria. I imagine new kirtles, surcoats and kerchiefs. But I can't do it without help (an extra pair of hands is useful when everything is supposed to be pinned and fitted while on me for the most comfortable fit). I have one week of vacation time before going to Gotland and I seriously doubt that I'll manage any miracles. Especially since I'm making so much of the clothes (but not all since I'm more than a bit lazy) by hand. While I know that I shouldn't really feel bad about it I will (by all the gods, will I feel bad about it).
So yeah.
Here I am.