A short word on Hutts

According to Wookieepedia:

The Hutts are a species of very large (up to 5 meters/16,5 feet long) and lazy slug-like creatures (not gastropods but almost) with stubby arms, no legs, wide cavernous mouths and big eyes from the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas. Hutts generally speak the language Huttese.

Weight is in fact a sign of power and status for Hutts as it shows that you have slaves to do things for you and a Hutt floater to carry your massive blubbery self around. Their weight is often as much as a metric ton - the more, the better it is.

Hutts are also hermaphroditic (any Hutt can decide to carry a Huttlet) and their thick skin makes them not only fire and blaster proof but also indigestible (comes in handy when you're about to be eaten by a sarlacc...). As Hutts are a sturdy race with a lifespan of almost 1000 years, resistant to most poisons and diseases, they are often recognized as hard-to-kill crime lords (the most infamous of them being a certain Jabba the Hutt).

Only one Hutt is known to ever have chosen to become a jedi (Beldorion the Hutt - who converted to the Dark Side). 

Beldorion the Hutt