Wednesday, 18 April 2018

It's party business, precious

   Having been to New Zealand I'm now fairly certain it doesn't actually exist on this plane of reality. I've just spent ten days nerding around the north island and everything feels like it was designed in a computer to be plopped down in the middle of the ocean. Or maybe we went, Bermuda Triangle style, through some portal and ended up in some wonderful Fantasy Land. It was somehow too beautiful to feel real.

   We did Auckland (with a very jet-lagged visit to the Auckland Art Gallery, and Auckland Zoo) - Waitomo Caves - Mata Mata/Hobbiton - Rotorua - Wellington (with Te Papa, Weta Cave, LotR film locations along Hutt Valley, and Martinborough wine country) and it was all great. What will always stay with me though is the tour we took through the Hobbiton Movie Set. It was nothing short of magical. I was right: I cried. Like a fucking baby.

   I've petted a wallaby and an emu, I've seen glow worms, I've had ale in The Green Dragon, I've spent hours in hot mineral baths, I've been to Rivendell, I've talked to a whole bunch of nerds at Weta Cave, and I've had a veritable shitload of great wine. I've cried from joy and from frustration, and I've been surrounded by the most otherworldly nature I've ever laid eyes on.

   But listen, since New Zealand is quite exactly on the other side of the planet it will at its shortest take us Swedes anywhere between 27 and 34 hours single trip to get there depending on layovers and such. It fucking sucks. My butt still hurts. To add insult to injury, my lightsaber key ring kept getting stuck in security and so I decided to leave it behind. Also! Try and be a vegan tourist and see how much fun it is. I'll tell you this much; you have to like coriander.

   Was it worth it? Absolutely!
   Will I ever do it again? Doubtfully.
   Do I want to do it again? Why yes precious, I do...

Saturday, 31 March 2018

I'll soon be on my way

I'm so fucking nervous y'all. I'm leaving tomorrow.
My bags are packed and I've gone through the check list about twenty times...

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Long Live the Halflings!

Today, the 25th of March, in the year of 3019 in the Third Age of Middle Earth Frodo finally reached Mount Doom in Mordor. After a brief battle with the creature Gollum the One Ring was finally destroyed and with it the Dark Lord Sauron.
Long Live the Courage and Strength of Hobbits!

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Alone at last

Me, the minute after my family's left when we've had a family dinner at my place:

Monday, 5 March 2018

BOKREA; my favourite time of year

The Big Book Sale.
   That yearly event marked down in every Swedish bookworm's calendar.
I've scored a healthy amount of 17 books this year which would put me somewhere just beyond slightly over budget but not quite heavily into dept.

   As always, I do most of my BOKREA-shopping at Science Fiction-bokhandeln (Sweden's own Forbidden Planet).


   GUILLERMO DEL TORO DID IT AGAIN! THE SHAPE OF WATER DID IT! IN FOUR FRIGGIN' CATEGORIES! YAAAAAASSSSS! Categories being Best Picture, Best Director, Best Production Design and Best Original Score.

Guillermo checking the receipts.
   Also, as the first black man EVER Jordan Peele won Best Original Screenplay for Get Out and that just warms my soul. Well deserved.
   I'm obviously a bit disappointed about Logan not getting an Oscar.

Monday, 26 February 2018

The Hutt (kind of) Recommends: What's Eating Gilbert Grape

What's Eating Gilbert Grape by Peter Hedges
(rereading this after... 'many' years, and it's surprisingly neither scifi, fantasy, nor supernatural in any possible way)

Looooong before John Green was accused of over-using the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope (which he did in Paper Towns but entirely unmade by the end of the book) there was Becky in Peter Hedges' What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
   Gilbert Grape lives in Endora, Iowa, with what remains of his family.
'Endora is where we are, and you need to know that describing this place is like dancing to no music. It's a town. Farmers. Town square. Old movie theater closed down so we have to drive sixteen miles to Motley to see movies. Probably half the town is over sixty-five, so you can imagine the raring place Endora is on the weekend.'
   There isn't much that Gilbert doesn't hate and even less that he enjoys. He's twenty-four and just about everything in his life is gnawing at his dead insides -  his lack of experience, his fat and ever-growing mother, his servile big sister, his desperate little sister, and his mentally disabled baby brother are only what he has to deal with on a daily basis.
'She turns off the light and says, "You must have been having a bad dream."
"A bad dream. You were having a bad dream."
"Oh," I say, "Is that what I'm having."'
   In the middle of all of this there's suddenly Becky on her bike, riding in circles around Gilbert and speaking words of such hope about life Gilbert hasn't been able to feel in years.

   This is a soul crushingly painful story.

   It's sexist, fatphobic, ableist, sexualises a 15-year-old, but it's also all of these things because Gilbert doesn't know where to direct all of the hate he harbours for himself. He watches idly while his family and life slowly shatters all around him. He does not stop this. Just as he can see his fat mother slowly wear down the floor underneath her own feet toward a literal crash he can sense his own life metaphorically crash in on him in slow motion. There are so many things in his life that he hates that he's completely lost his ability for love, whichever way it would be directed. Waking up and seeing the same unchanging surrounding is killing him. Yet he doesn't change. Listening to people telling him how much he looks like his father, the same father who committed suicide in the house he built for his family, brings Gilbert further into darkness. Is that to be the family future?

   Well written. Dark. Disturbing.
   I still like it as much as when I read it the first time. 

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Be fine Valentine

Don't let anyone get in the way of you loving yourself this year Valentine. 
Perform radical self love. Treat yo'self.
You're amazing.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

a Green Mess

Woke up like this. And then stayed in my PJs all day. Because fuck it.

Nerdy decorating

Harry Potter-themed display case.
   One of the few perks with my job (apart from, you know, being able to pay the rent with the money I earn through my blood, sweat and tears) is that I can get my stubby hands on fancy wooden wine boxes. So obviously I use them as display cases for my nerdy stuff.
   I have one LotR-themed and I just finished the Harry Potter-themed box with the much needed help of Prof Minerva McGonagall's wand.

Friday, 9 February 2018


I have a new fancy obsession.
I think you should share in my obsession and listen to this:

Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Hutt Recommends: FEED

FEED by Mira Grant
First book in the Newsflesh trilogy.

   In 2014 both the common flu and cancer are eradicated by dedicated scientists, the antidotes easily distributed like airborne viruses to the populace. So far, so good. What the scientists didn't count on was how the two antidotes would react once they had to coexist in a living host. Not well as it turned out. The antidotes blended into a new kind of virus and anything with a body mass above that of a medium sized dog would upon death be turned by said virus into a flesh-eating corpse. You lived, you died and then you returned.
   They call it the Rising.
   In the near future when zombies are a real threat and people are mostly isolated to areas with strict security measures, running and tending news blogs with material from outside your own safe zone is the new daredevil profession. Georgia and Shaun Mason are two such daredevils dedicated to finding and delivering the Truth. Now hired to do the biggest job of their careers following a presidential candidate around the country they happen upon information that could answer crucial questions about the Infected.
   They decide to stay devoted to the Truth.
   Even if it'll kill them.

Some spoilers ahead:
   I skimmed through a few of other people's reviews of this book before writing my own and something that people have reacted to is the lack of zombies in this supposed zombie novel. Well... that's what the critics said about The Day of the Triffids; a supposed science fiction about alien invasion that didn't have all that many triffids in it... The point I'm making is that I don't really care about the zombies. Couldn't care less. I care about the people coping with an existence where zombies is something one needs to be worried about. It's the characters that make the story interesting. Therefore, I enjoyed this book. It's about people. Not zombies. Though there are zombies... You get it.
   Do you know something else I appreciated? NO ROMANCE ❤️ Well, there is some background romance going on, but nothing that necessitates more than a few sentences at most (as is the descriptive "they like each other and are now dating and getting it on" kind of sentences).
   Georgia never uses her "feminine wiles" to get to information. She doesn't even consider it. The one male character that doesn't respect her simply because she's a woman is supposed to be seen as a despicable human being.
   All female characters have their own arcs. They're there for a reason more than decoration.
   The story makes sense. From the virus to the politics.

   Maybe the fact that I'm not very used to being thrilled about the portrayal of female characters in books skews my perception a wee bit, but I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. Still thrilled. Still a good story.
   I spent the last 70 pages crying my eyes out. Because OF COURSE people die in books with zombies in them. Especially when it's been hinted at throughout.

All in all:
Read FEED.

Friday, 19 January 2018


I've got new PJ's and feel more not-really-an-adult than I've felt in a long while. It's great.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


That would be me.
   I've started listening to The Lord of the Rings again so that the trilogy will be fresh in my memory when my best friend and I get to New Zealand in April. Though before I got started I figured I needed to brush up on my Middle Earth history, so I dove head first into the appendices and suffice it to say I didn't get very far before I was crying.
   Have I gone soft? (Yes. Yes, I have. Emotions everywhere. Much better.)
   Is it normal to feel so proud over fictional characters? (Oh Samwise... )
   Well! Back to the books.
   Lets get this Fellowship to Mordor! (We'll walk, it'll be great.)

Thursday, 11 January 2018


...the glory that is Taika Waititi. 

This strange kiwi.
   I used to think his kind of humour and entire personality was a bit 'too much' and waaay too awkward for me. He felt weird and narcissistic. But the man is... well, fascinating. As an introvert I was strangely drawn to finding out more about this complete opposite of me. Suddenly it struck me that I have several friends who are just like him; loud, confident, odd, creative, ridiculously goofy yet passive-aggressively politically aware. I love it. Now that I know why I was drawn to him to begin with I can thoroughly enjoy his work.
   Chaotic good.
   I wholeheartedly recommend What We Do in the Shadows. See it.

Also see Thor: Ragnarok.