Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Be fine Valentine

Don't let anyone get in the way of you loving yourself this year Valentine. 
Perform radical self love. Treat yo'self.
You're amazing.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

a Green Mess

Woke up like this. And then stayed in my PJs all day. Because fuck it.

Nerdy decorating

Harry Potter-themed display case.
   One of the few perks with my job (apart from, you know, being able to pay the rent with the money I earn through my blood, sweat and tears) is that I can get my stubby hands on fancy wooden wine boxes. So obviously I use them as display cases for my nerdy stuff.
   I have one LotR-themed and I just finished the Harry Potter-themed box with the much needed help of Prof Minerva McGonagall's wand.

Friday, 9 February 2018


I have a new fancy obsession.
I think you should share in my obsession and listen to this:

Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Hutt Recommends: FEED

FEED by Mira Grant
First book in the Newsflesh trilogy.

   In 2014 both the common flu and cancer are eradicated by dedicated scientists, the antidotes easily distributed like airborne viruses to the populace. So far, so good. What the scientists didn't count on was how the two antidotes would react once they had to coexist in a living host. Not well as it turned out. The antidotes blended into a new kind of virus and anything with a body mass above that of a medium sized dog would upon death be turned by said virus into a flesh-eating corpse. You lived, you died and then you returned.
   They call it the Rising.
   In the near future when zombies are a real threat and people are mostly isolated to areas with strict security measures, running and tending news blogs with material from outside your own safe zone is the new daredevil profession. Georgia and Shaun Mason are two such daredevils dedicated to finding and delivering the Truth. Now hired to do the biggest job of their careers following a presidential candidate around the country they happen upon information that could answer crucial questions about the Infected.
   They decide to stay devoted to the Truth.
   Even if it'll kill them.

Some spoilers ahead:
   I skimmed through a few of other people's reviews of this book before writing my own and something that people have reacted to is the lack of zombies in this supposed zombie novel. Well... that's what the critics said about The Day of the Triffids; a supposed science fiction about alien invasion that didn't have all that many triffids in it... The point I'm making is that I don't really care about the zombies. Couldn't care less. I care about the people coping with an existence where zombies is something one needs to be worried about. It's the characters that make the story interesting. Therefore, I enjoyed this book. It's about people. Not zombies. Though there are zombies... You get it.
   Do you know something else I appreciated? NO ROMANCE ❤️ Well, there is some background romance going on, but nothing that necessitates more than a few sentences at most (as is the descriptive "they like each other and are now dating and getting it on" kind of sentences).
   Georgia never uses her "feminine wiles" to get to information. She doesn't even consider it. The one male character that doesn't respect her simply because she's a woman is supposed to be seen as a despicable human being.
   All female characters have their own arcs. They're there for a reason more than decoration.
   The story makes sense. From the virus to the politics.

   Maybe the fact that I'm not very used to being thrilled about the portrayal of female characters in books skews my perception a wee bit, but I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. Still thrilled. Still a good story.
   I spent the last 70 pages crying my eyes out. Because OF COURSE people die in books with zombies in them. Especially when it's been hinted at throughout.

All in all:
Read FEED.

Friday, 19 January 2018


I've got new PJ's and feel more not-really-an-adult than I've felt in a long while. It's great.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


That would be me.
   I've started listening to The Lord of the Rings again so that the trilogy will be fresh in my memory when my best friend and I get to New Zealand in April. Though before I got started I figured I needed to brush up on my Middle Earth history, so I dove head first into the appendices and suffice it to say I didn't get very far before I was crying.
   Have I gone soft? (Yes. Yes, I have. Emotions everywhere. Much better.)
   Is it normal to feel so proud over fictional characters? (Oh Samwise... )
   Well! Back to the books.
   Lets get this Fellowship to Mordor! (We'll walk, it'll be great.)

Thursday, 11 January 2018


...the glory that is Taika Waititi. 

This strange kiwi.
   I used to think his kind of humour and entire personality was a bit 'too much' and waaay too awkward for me. He felt weird and narcissistic. But the man is... well, fascinating. As an introvert I was strangely drawn to finding out more about this complete opposite of me. Suddenly it struck me that I have several friends who are just like him; loud, confident, odd, creative, ridiculously goofy yet passive-aggressively politically aware. I love it. Now that I know why I was drawn to him to begin with I can thoroughly enjoy his work.
   Chaotic good.
   I wholeheartedly recommend What We Do in the Shadows. See it.

Also see Thor: Ragnarok.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Welcome to Disaster Area 20-17

Wow. This year. 

   The bar was set so low you would think it's impossible to fuck it up, wouldn't ya? 

   I love how Hollywood suddenly realised that the greater majority of people on this planet is neither white, nor in fact male. Funny, huh? Somehow the realisation that diverse films earn more money than whitewashed crap came as a shock to them. Like... seriously?!

   It's infuriating to realise just how much the powerful men of Hollywood can keep quiet about when it's 99,5% women who end up the victims of these predators in their midst. They knew Harvey Weinstein was abusing and assaulting women and did nothing... until we found out.
   And for anyone calling this a witch-hunt; yes, we're witches and we're finally hunting the predators down. This is something we should have done ages ago with the likes of Roman Polanski and Woody Allen too. Make rapists afraid again.
Put them out of their jobs.
Don't trivialise their actions.
Or our experiences. #metoo

   I mourn the deaths of both of my grandfathers, as well as my paternal grandmother, while the rest of you can join me in mourning of Bill Paxton, John Hurt, Gösta Ekman, Nelsan Ellis, Rikard Wolff, Chester Bennington, Tom Petty, Harry Dean Stanton...
  • I entered singledom again.
  • I went to a The Rocky Horror Picture Show audience participation showing and IT WAS SO AWESOME.
  • I went to Budapest with my sister for a spa weekend in April. Not only was I told by my massage therapist that I had to work on my anger issues (I do, but what the hell...) but I also caught a severe cold that lasted me for a fortnight and stole my voice.
  • I celebrated Towel Day hobbit style.
  • After waiting for over a year and a half after buying the ticket I finally got to experience Russell Howard!
  • I had one helluva midsummer. Magical. Just wow. I still can't believe how much fun I had.
  • I got to try and be the boss-woman at work for two weeks. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong for me to try and fix. But as it turned out I learnt a lot in the process.
  • After a brief hiatus of one year I went back to the Medieval Week on Gotland, with new silks no less! I had a blast. And got home with ulcers, a hangover and a fever.
  • I lost three out of four grandparents in a span of four months. Rough as fuck.
  • My asshole roomie Sengir moved in. Soon all of my possessions were covered in a fine layer of his ginger hair and everything is as it should be. I am become a Crazy Cat Lady.
  • I had Ben and Jerry's Non-Dairy Ice-Cream and for a moment all existence was awesome.
  • I made sure to make my intentions clear at a huge demonstration against Nazism here in my city. We won this round. Lets keep fighting.
  • I finalised the process of getting myself sterilised. There are no critters ever crawling out of this uterus. #notyourincubator
  • I celebrated Halloween decadently, with gusto.
  • I got myself that tattoo I've wanted since I was thirteen years old.
  • I've been to see movies at the cinema no less than ten times this year.

   If you feel like this Year Review is getting you a bit down, I'm terribly sorry since that wasn't my intention at all, but it's been a shit year hasn't it? Good thing it was over quicker than it takes to pull a band-aid. We'll simply have to end the review on a lighter note!

Favourite Picks of 2017

Movies: Moonlight, Logan, Get Out, The Handmaiden, Trainspotting 2, Logan, Thor: Ragnarok, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, and did I mention Logan? 

Books: Isaac Asimov didn't disappoint with his 'Caves of Steel'. 'Revolution' by Russel Brand (!!!) turned out to be much better than I expected. 'The Fall of the House of Cabal' by Jonathan L. Howard left me pleasantly bewildered. 'Flowers for Algernon' by Daniel Keyes was a thrill-ride over too quickly. 'Redshirts' by John Scalzi grew on me. 'The Day of the Triffids' by John Wyndham was good ol' classical scifi at it's very best! The Book Thief by Markus Zusak was emotional as hell, especially with everything that's going on politically at the moment. The Bone Doll's Twin by Lynn Flewelling. For a closer look on what I've read this year there's my Goodreads profile.
TV shows: I added this category because we need to talk about 'Westworld'. Like, we really do. Because Thandie Newton . Also: 'Dear White People'. I thought I enjoyed the movie but hoo boy, how I must have been mistaken because I loved every second of the show to the point that I never wanted it to end (there will be a second season, some champagne please!). Speaking of things that never end; the thirteenth Doctor is a woman! THE DEFENDERS, FUCK YEAH. I finished the Defenders in two binges and want more. More Daredevil. More Jessica Jones. More Luke Cage. More Claire Temple. MORE! The 2nd season of Stranger Things was way too short and I need more, STAT.
Events: Moonlight winning Best Picture at the Oscars the way it did (OH MY GODS!!), Wonder Woman made a killing at the box office once again proving that we're truly starving for both female heroes and female creators. THE BEES ARE COMING BACK! HIV/AIDS is no longer the number one cause of death on the African continent. We outed so many predators in Hollywood. Good job. Scientists have come up with a way to regrow the Great Barrier Reef. My new buddy Sengir moved in with me.

Just like last I year I will not be making any resolutions for the new year but instead wish, and hope, for more kitty snuggles, more human touch, and more tasty food and drinks.
And remember:
"It's Chaos. Be Kind."

Monday, 11 December 2017

It's the little things

   Ever since I was thirteen I've wanted some sort of X-Men tattoo in general and the classic X-logo on my hip in particular. At the end of last year I made a promise to myself to not get another tattoo until I'd made a rather life-altering decision that would probably lead to a bit of scarring on my belly. As I didn't know just how much scar tissue it would  involve I figured it would be no more than logical to wait with the tattoo until I knew for sure.
   Now I know (very little scarring) and now I have my tattoo.
   Time to move on to bigger projects.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Thor: Ragnarok - first thoughts

   I've just come home from the cinema after having seen Thor: Ragnarok and now ALL I can think of is Tom Hiddleston's gorgeous ass. Bless that ass.

Monday, 13 November 2017

My nerd beginnings - LotR

Oh my dudes, The Lord of the Rings.
Peter Jackson. The nerd that set it all in motion for me.
   A nerd friend of mine, my best friend as a matter of fact, tend to tell me once in a while that she was 110% destined to become a nerd. She never had another option really, being surrounded by comic book nerd uncles and an older brother crazy about Star Wars. With me it was an entirely different story because I had to discover the lovely world of nerdiness all on my own. Don't get me wrong, my family has its fair share of book worms but their reading material tended to be rooted in reality and not in far off fictional worlds or alternate universes.

   When I say books were my gateway into fantasy and scifi I'm not being entirely honest to myself because when I really get to dig into it, it was movies. Specifically those my mum didn't want me watching. I was about seven when I watched Jurassic Park (and had nightmares for a week), about ten-ish when I saw Aliens, and Tim Burton's Batman movies (with better results dream-wise). Then came the news that Peter Jackson was adapting The Lord of the Rings for the big screen and I was obsessed. By then my mum couldn't possibly ignore the fact that I was way more into fiction than her history nerd ass had ever been and that it was probably a better idea to introduce me to more age appropriate media than forbidding me to watch that which wasn't age appropriate. She gifted me the LotR books, for Xmas 2000 I believe, and those motherfuckers are heavy to get through when you're twelve years old, I can tell ya! but she wished to be proactive and I, in return, was thrilled. However, though I love the story I never really took to the books (sorry J.R.R.) and although I finished The Fellowship of the Ring it took me well over a year to do so (the Two Towers and the Return of the King didn't take as long). Turned out there was a trick to it; after only a few heavy pages I decided to make a list of every single name mentioned in The Fellowship of the Ring and thus made reading into both a hunt for new names as well as the completion of the story. It helped getting me through the book. But it also made loving the movies significantly easier; they were heavenly in comparison (because FYI, there are well over 200 different character names in The Fellowship of the Ring only). However, reading Tolkien and then experiencing Jackson's adaption launched me like a exuberant rocket into the fantasy genre and made me choosy as it comes to universe construction. Say what you will about J.R.R. (prolix, racist, sexist etc) but he started something unique with Middle Earth that has grown, branched out and blossomed.

   As a part of the Ringer cult fandom I didn't just find my place among my immediate weirdo friends, but also grew to be a part of a world-wide weirdo community that I, surprisingly enough, felt really connected to (thank you Internet). Speaking from the perspective of an oddball and somewhat of an outcast, it was pure awesomeness to find so many other people not only sharing my passions but also my experiences when my family didn't.
   The importance of this can't be lost on anyone.

   Peter Jackson didn't just drop my very first real fandom in my lap but also gave me adult nerds to look up to - the cast of the LotR trilogy is littered with different kinds of nerds that influenced what kind of nerd I myself was going to become one day. Unapologetic (thank you Elijah Wood), enthusiastic (thank you Dominic Monaghan), happily and lovingly sarcastic (thank you Billy Boyd), fiercely queer (thank you so much Ian McKellen) and childishly passionate (thank you Peter Jackson). I can only ever aspire to be as nerdily refined, curious and awe-inspiring as the great LotR nerd Christopher Lee (as the only one of the production to actually have met J.R.R. Tolkien, Lee was the ultimate LotR fanboy).
   The Lord of the Rings holds a very special place in my heart and always will.

   My best friend and I are at the time of writing this planning our journey to New Zealand. It's nerve wracking and exhilarating and absolutely wonderful to somehow be able to complete the circle by travelling to the place where my love for hobbits began and in many ways my inner nerd awoke.
   Thank you Peter Jackson, I look forward to Going There, and Back Again.
   "The Road goed ever on and on,
down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
and I must follow if I can.
Pursuing it with eager feet,
until it joins some larger way
where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say."

Monday, 6 November 2017

Halloween funsies

   This weekend it was finally the time to get my spook on and let my inner forest sprite out at a Halloween party. I went dressed as a huldra - managed to finish the dress and everything! But I did give up on making it any more complicated than necessary. 
   I had so much fun guys.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Lungs, please stahp

   It really sucks to be down with the worst case of the flu I've had since ... well, I can't remember having a worse case. I'm coughing. Hard. That's the worst part of it. Going to bed is a chore because you need to take all the right medicines in the right order and sit in the bed just the right way to dampen the coughing fits just enough to fall asleep. After that I might get somewhere between 5 and 6 hours before I can't breathe. If I'm lucky. Oh, the phlegm. In short, I can't do shit. Halloween is around the corner and I wanted to dazzle in a new outfit. Now I'm not sure I'll be able to finish it.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Who's with me?

I don't usually look at trailers because I don't like having my fun spoiled beforehand but goddammit, I couldn't keep away from this one.

My face the entire time: