Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Hutt’s Little School of Movie Genres: Adventure

In our second lesson in The Hutt's Little School... I chose adventure and it's quite fitting considering what's popular in theatres.

Think swashbuckling. The stereotypical adventure movie is like Treasure Island. A group of people go on a quest or in search of the unknown in exotic far-away places like deserts, oceans or jungles. There’s your courageous hero/heroine and there’s the protagonist in the shape of an evil tyrant or the like.
Once you google “adventure movie” the first picture you’ll find is the National Treasure poster but we all know that everything National Treasure really strived to be was Indiana Jones (see picture below). And who wouldn’t want to be Doctor Indiana Jones?

Adventure is often paired with both action and epic because of it’s dramatic events and sometimes (mostly) historical settings. Surprisingly regularly we’ll find pirates in the mix.
Nicholas Cage, Harrison Ford, Russel Crowe and Brendan Fraser love acting in action movies and Steven Spielberg (in the grey suit below), George Lucas and Jerry Bruckheimer (in the black suit below) loves making them.

Movies I’d recommend:
The The Indiana Jones movies (before Indy went alien-hunting of course), Seven Samurai, Treasure Planet, Jurassic Park, The Pirates of the Caribbean and the Curse of the Black Pearl, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, National Treasure, The Princess Bride, The Mummy, Hero, Robin Hood (2010), Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Inkheart.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Effin' finally

Idag har varit jobb, svett (det är 32 grader varmt ju!), spontan långfika samt shopping och en massa sammanträffanden med folk en känner på stan. Geez, bara det att en knappt kan gå 50 m utan att stöta på någon att byta ett par ord med ger mer motivation till att flytta.
Jag har otroligt nog hittat en modern lång sommarklänning som inte får mig att tycka att jag ser ut som en halvfet karl i klänning. Win!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

It's all lies

Dr. House said it and Dr. Cal Lightman in Lie To Me says bascially the same thing. I'm going through the first season as we speak but felt I had to write something about episode 9 in the first season. As soon as I heard the voice of Richard Brooks chills ran faster than race horses along my spine. He creeps me out since he played the bounty hunter Jubal Early in Firefly. Early's a seriously disturbed dude. Obviously, Brooks did a great job since only his voice took me right back.
Fredric Lehne is also in episode 9 of season 1 of Lie To Me but was in Firefly as well back in the day (and in Supernatural as the Yellow-Eyed Demon).
It's weird how some people can show up in the most unbelievable places.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Jävligt random vardag

Åh, mitt liv är så intressant just nu. Eller kanske inte så mycket. Är trött. Inte minst för att det vägrar sluta regna. Men det är ju svensk sommar.

På den positiva sidan ser vi en rätt fet lön för en konstant timvikarie och på den negativa ser vi ett icke-existerande socialt liv. Even a nerd can feel alone and lonely. Synd att det inte finns en bra skillnad i svenska. En kan vara alone men inte känna sig det minsta ensam. Lonely kan en känna sig mitt i en folksamling. Baksidan med att bo på landet är att en är 10 minuter med bil från all civilisation.

Har just läst ut den andra boken i Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mysteries-serien. Är redo att testa Systembolagets sommarutbud på cidersmaker. Sherlock Holmes kanske inte är så sjukt kass som jag först trodde. Min rosa Philips GoGear ViBE fungerar fortfarande utmärkt. Jag har köpt Ayn Rands Atlas Shrugged och Richard Dawkins' Illusionen om Gud.

Det blir Kungahälla i sommar.
Sen Medeltidsveckan. Det är 45 dagar kvar.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

No one messes with the Dew

When you feel a little down, have a Dew.
Mountain Dew - For those nights when you can't afford to sleep.

Märk också att jag ser ut som fan i håret och att jobbtröjan fortfarande är på. Det är mitt i natten när bilden togs. Jag är vaken.

P.S. För alla oinvigda så är Mountain Dew en legendarisk (bland rollspelare, gamers och allmänna hardcore nördar) amerikansk läsk. I det här fallet med körsbärssmak och massor av koffein. Socker, kemikalier, lite kolsyrat vatten och koffein. Det är fint det.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Get Lynch'ed

OK, I know the picture isn't too good but it's actually Stephen Lynch standing above/in front of me on a seat of the theatre where I saw him perform (in 3D - unique quality *wink*). I'll just jump right into it.
After almost not finding the place where the action was supposed to take place I finally tracked down a voice I recognised (Spephen himself) we hit the spot and were ready for take-off. According to expectation they were a little late but all was forgiven when Stephen started with performing his new song "Loralie".
While I'm disappointed that he didn't give us "America", "Medieval Bush" or "Halleluja" from his latest album Three Balloons  at least he gave us "Craig", "Superhero" and "Special Ed" from his old albums (though two of my favourite songs are quite seasonal - "Down to the Old Pub Instead" for St Paddy's and "Halloween" - so I wasn't expecting them) and a whole bunch of awesome new songs. This not even including all the talking he did in between songs together with his buddies Rod and Joburg.


What made me most happy was that he ended the show by giving us "D&D". It goes as follows:

The song he performed while climbing on to the seat in front of me was a very emotional version of "I Will Always Love You" dedicated to his fans. Yeah, the Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton song.

Good night everybody! And go off and listen to Stephen Lynch right this instant!
(Psssst! He's on Spotify...)

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

X-Men: First Class

Prologues seem to be the hot stuff of Hollywood this century. Especially in the superhero genre. So don’t you worry - we’ll see more of them no matter how little we like the concept. A prologue is like a sequel that’s not a sequel because it’s a prologue… So does that mean that we're allowed to like them since, after all, they're not sequels? (In my point of view, there are very few sequels that pass quality testing.)

Anyhooooooo… I expected a lot of things from X-Men: First Class and I’m the first one to admit that most of them were bad ones. After having seen the trailers and teasers and reviews (damn you Empire Magazine for tempting me) I felt the sudden fear of the rapid decent of the X-Men franchise into a shallow roadside grave.

Dude, was I wrong.

X-Men: First Class takes us back to the beginning of everything. The beginning of Professor X and the beginning of Magneto and everything they are both going to personify in the X-Men movies we’ve already seen (or have we?). The first images that hit us as the movie begin rolling are exactly what hit us at the beginning of the first X-Men movie from 2000.

It’s that rainy day in 1944 when Erik Lensherr and his family are led into a concentration camp where Erik meets the evil that will shape his future. Meanwhile Charles Francis Xavier grows up safe and protected. Spoiled and naïve he seeks to tell the world about mutation as evolution.
Needless to say is that I loved the movie. I really did. I was like a boy with a new action figure. There were some minor details that I could (despite my irritation) look away from (like the continuity glitch where Alex Summers aka Havok is Scott Summers aka Cyclops little brother and therefore about 30 years before his time or that Beast looks absolutely awful). A hugely unanticipated cameo made my evening and for the rest of the movie I was in mutant heaven, giggling occasionally to myself in my Wolverine t-shirt.
There was plenty of action, some really funny history re-writing and sometimes they even took some occational inspiration from some of the X-Men comics. I was awed by Kevin Bacon (Sebastian Shaw) and Caleb Landry Jones (Banshee) but the name-dropping even got me a little tired. I recognize most of the characters and names in the movie but seen from a new beginner’s eyes I’d be more than a tad bit confused. At times I got the feeling that you’re expected to know what’s going on even though you might not in fact never have read a single X-Men comic panel. Most of the characters are never introduced – which I found disappointing since I want background on my people – but instead you’re presumed to know these characters already and remember it perfectly.
Which kind of brings me back to Beast. Not only did I find it ridiculous that they chose scrawny little Nicholas Hoult to play Henry/Hank McCoy but also that once again the make-up department falls short (or three feet behind). Beast’s face looks like someone botoxed the hell out of it. On the other hand it’s still better than it was in X-Men 3 but that’s not even an accomplishment! I would have loved him to be… awesome for once.

Like the cool and intelligent, broad-shouldered computer wiz he is in the Ultimate X-Men comics:

Not the cat-like thingamajig (still crazy smart though) with awful hair we find in Astonishing X-Men:

It's up to you to prove me wrong about this by watching the movie yourself. I'm done ranting for now. Take care now, buhbye then.

Friday, 3 June 2011


Summer and warm weather makes my blog and different internet communities flatline. No joke. I will update, some day. Not now. I'm just preparing you for a reluctantly and relatively slow period.

I'm going to see X-Men: First Class this upcoming sunday and believe you me, I will tell you all about it but after that my brain goes blank. Hit me with some suggestions about what to write about or throw me a question to answer and I'll see what I can do.
Have a good one people!