Monday, 26 August 2013

Again with these f-ing buttons

I'm working on a new project.
Well, in all honesty, it's an old project I'm remaking simply because the idea got stuck in my mind and wouldn't let go. I want this old surcôte of mine to be more British 1370's and less of the 1100's that it used to be. Just like last time it's a bitch to stitch but since I know how awesome it's going to look I also know it's going to worth every hour I spend on it.

This yellow thing right here. Looked pretty good. But I never wore it because it doesn't go with anything else in my medieval wardrobe.

So after unpicking the front seam I lined it with linen and hand sewed 42 buttonholes and as we speak I'm attaching the buttons. After I'm done with that I'm moving on to make slits that will serve as pockets of sorts. As this is the second layer and my belt goes on the first layer I'll be able to reach in through the slits and fetch things out of my purses. This was apparently very popular in fashion in Britain in the 1360's to 1390's and it looks absolutely dashing! Which is of course why I'd like to mimic the style.

Now, back to the buttons. All these f-ing buttons.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Instant reaction to: SH - Revelation

Well. That was unusually bad. And I really mean that.
I liked the first Silent Hill movie and not only because Sean Bean was in it but it had that genuinely eerie feel to it in addition to good music. In this second movie to the Silent Hill franchise it gets really bad. Not even the music makes it worthwhile.

Whenever I see Sean Bean I expect him to die at any point because that’s what usually happens, and having Kit Harington in the same movie just means that I have no less than two actors from Game of Thrones - subsequently I expect someone to tell Harington that he knows nothing.
In a fake American accent of course.

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t want anyone who actually quite liked the first movie to have any hope in liking the second one. It will disappoint you greatly.
You have been warned.