Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Inky decisions

How the fu… Time really flies, huh? And I’ve tried to compose something new and pretty to tattoo to my skin. I’ve got an idea and I’m pitching it to the artist next week. After that, it’s another week until I’ll bring Lucy to hold my hand. I’m nervous but mostly just excited.
Holy hell this is going to be a lot of fun!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Lyrics - Black and Blue

So I went on a frantic search for the lyrics to Black & Blue by The White Buffalo. Because... you know. Because of reasons. The important thing is that I couldn't find them. So I wrote them down.

The White Buffalo - Black & Blue lyrics

Pack up your shit - we’re through
Prepare for black and blue
She slams the door
Out into the night she flew
The neighbor yells shut the fuck up
Well, it’s late and that’s quite enough
Well, I scan the streets and I scream off the balcony for you


Drown myself - it’s just as well
Throw my body in the wishing well
Falling apart, spellbound, scheming for you
I’ll crawl to the corner store
Courage makes me want you more
I’m fixing my mind but I’m fucking it up
For you
For you
It’s all for you
It’s all for you
It’s all for you

Pack up your shit - we’re through
Prepare for black and blue
She slams the door
Out into the night she flew

So now I'm considering buying Prepare For Black and Blue because I really, really want that song. I want to hold it and never let it go. Until I can find something better. Something along the lines of a person.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The White Buffalo

I'm such a mess. Jag lyssnar om och om igen på den här låten och inser varje gång hur vacker den är. Inte nog med att sångaren har en röst som inte är av denna värld men texten...!(!!)

The White Buffalo - Black and Blue

Jag vet inte vad jag väntar på. Antar att jag är lika mycket hycklare som vanligt - säger att jag vill uppleva saker men stänger in mig på rummet. Isolation. Jag blir alltid likadan när jag kommer in i en ny miljö. Mitt beteende känns så desperat. Vem försöker jag imponera på? Inte är det mig själv i alla fall. Här försöker jag att förändra min självuppfattning för att må bättre och allt jag lyckas med är att se ner på mig själv ännu mer. Kan bero på att jag sover väldigt lite nu för tiden vilket gör att jag tänker mer, men kan också bero på andra saker...
Mer bra musik.

Maroon 5 - How

On a happier note: hittar hittills inget större fel på att plugga religion. Jag får dessutom vara kvar i Göteborg, denna underbara och vackra stad fylld till bredden med människor av varje variation. När solen lyser över Göteborg lyser den i mitt hjärta.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


"I'm not a psychopath Andersson, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research."
"Look at you lot. You're all so vacant. Is it nice not being me? It must be so relaxing."
"Andersson, don't talk out loud. You'll lower the IQ of the whole street."
- Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock - A Study in Pink (2010)

All within minutes of each other! This man is a quote-producing machine. I adore him. And Benedict Cumberbatch is an amazing Sherlock. Also adding that the man we'll see as Bilbo Baggins in the up-coming The Hobbit is Doc. John Watson. That's a good fit as well.
I recommend this.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Diversity Training with Jane Elliott - Angry Eye

There's racism everywhere at any time against anyone non-white. This video was kind of an eye-opener as to just how much one doesn’t notice when not exposed to it. I knew it was bad but seriously... one never thinks of one’s own privileges.
This woman working against racism, this amazing Jane Elliott, is nasty and crude but how else are you to force people to see what’s going on around them on a daily basis

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Byebye piercing.

Sometimes you just have to give up. I've really tried but it wouldn't heal properly. It was a kind of old one that had to be sacrificed. I don't really miss it. Better to feel good with what's healed up.


I fucked up in astronomical proportions at my exam yesterday and feel like shit because of it. I knew I hadn’t studied enough, I just didn’t think it was actually that bad. Oh, my word...
Spoke to some of my classmates afterwards and almost all of them are to take the advanced course of International Relations, which I was to do at first as well, and it still sounds intensively interesting but I can’t stand the thought of feeling like a total dumbass in comparison to all the intelligent people I study with. Again. So I decided on taking a course of Religion instead, where I’m already pretty certain I’ll do quite well. I’m too embarrassed to be around smart people right now. I can’t stand feeling ignorant.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

I know why the Housewives are Desperate

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve started watching Desperate Housewives (the series about the suburban lives of the housewives of Wisteria Lane).
I figured that since so many of my friends watch DH I should give it a chance, but the more episodes I get through the more I consider unfollowing the series. I expected to dislike a few characters (only because I always find something to bother me) but I never thought I’d come to despise the characters I initially thought I’d like. I thought I’d hate Bree and Gabrielle and be quite fond of Lynette and Susan.

Lynette was OK at first. She was tired and mean but then she turned into that sort of mother that can’t see the obvious flaws of her own children and I can’t stand that (I’m not saying it was right of Bree to spank one of Lynette’s brats when he repeatedly defied Bree, but no one even mentioned anything about Lynette throwing her four (!) children at Bree when she had expressively declined babysitting them).
Susan was confused and lonely at first but sson turned into a neurotic, clumsy, bordering on stupid, desperate person I could no longer identify with. I fast forward whenever she’s on now.
Bree has a twisted view of what homosexuality is, but is otherwise very pragmatic and collected which I kind of admire her for. She gets shit done and would die for those she loves.
Gabrielle is a selfish and greedy bitch but only because she used to have it tough and never wants to be poor ever again. She also speaks her mind. And she shares my passion for shoes.

There will be drama when you’ve got nothing better to do than gossip about your neighbours; especially when your neighbours seem to have a dirty past. In conclusion, the human problem is that we always want what we don't have and therefore could get a little desperate in the search for that. Also, boredom brings nothing good.
I’m only a few episodes into the second season but I’ve got a completely different view of the housewives now, comparied to the start of the first season. I liked them at first. Now I'm starting to have second thoughts.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Newly made Tumblr addict

I'm so sorry dudes and dudettes! I've just discovered Tumblr and it's been taking up my time since. There are so many intelligent and beautiful people I need to follow there including a lot of body positive and feminist blogs that have made me happier and more aware (and assholes I prefer to leave alone and imagine out of existance).

Still love you guys! <3 Thanks for checking in from time to time.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

This morning

OK, sat down this morning to eat breakfast. A pretty normal thing, I’d say.
Turned on the TV just to see what was showing. "Doctors", OK, will do.
Subject? "SlutWalks". I didn't know what that was and was eager to educate myself.
The panel spoke for a total of three minutes before I had to turn the TV off and throw the rest of my breakfast away. Not so much because of the "sluts" (they're awesome) but because of the "why" the sluts do the walks and why the panel brought them up and where the discussion was going. SlutWalks are a reaction to what a police officer stated about female rape victims. To him, the fact that girls/young women/women/people are raped is their own fault – because he thinks they dress like sluts.

To then hear a woman (in a VERY short dress at that) say that the officer had a point and defend him made me embarrassed to be human. Not only did she do that, but she argued further on behalf of her opinion. “It’s playing with fire” she said about dressing in certain ways, all in her American nasal voice that sounded like she’s just about to pull out all evidence of her privileged and protected background out of her white ass (she also said “I don’t understand why anyone would want to dress sluttishly...” which made her sound even more air-headed as it's up to every and each one of us what we wear). It’s because of women like her that girls are told that “boys will be boys” when they get raped. Sexuality is not an unstoppable force of nature! Girls and women should be able to wear whatever they feel beautiful in, even if it’s made out of string and barely covers the entries to her body, a “no” is still a “no”.
Stop teaching girls that they should be afraid of rapists, tell boys not to rape.

The mood swings

Aaaah, nu vet jag varför jag var tusan så känslosam i lördags. Det var fest då. Det var den farliga bag in boxens afton. Det var the eve of mood swings. Jag hade så sjukt roligt, skrattade högt, var lite arg, hade fina diskussioner och var jätteledsen. En ganska bra kväll sammantaget med en massa fina människor. Min bortsupna cardigan var inte ens bortsupen. Det kallar jag win-win.
Men ja, det var tydligen också ett wicked case av PMS.
Natten mellan söndag och måndag kanske jag lyckades sova ett par timmar mellan mardrömmarna om helveteshundar och mordlystna inbrottstjuvar. Igår kväll tog jag sömntabletter av den enkla anledningen att jag ville sova men precis när jag är så trött som jag vill så börjar det göra ont. Min första tanke var någonstans i närheten av "nu dör jag" men ack, det var bara min stackars livmoder. Den har inte gjort väsen av sig på typ 4,5 år men bestämde sig resolut för att nu, NU, var det dags att stampa igång igen. När jag inte var vaken för att det gjorde ont så drömde jag om vackra men lömska män och blev uppryckt i morses av ljudet från snöplogen.
Jag är inte det minsta sugen på att plugga. Vill mest sitta och tycka synd om mig själv framför datorn.
Men vänta nu...
Det är ju det jag gör.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Introducing Russell Howard

He's got a point there. Or truth be told, he's got a couple of good points.

Examples from the above video:
Justin Bieber - "Colossal cunt."
Twilight - "What a heap of shit." and "It's nonsense!"

Love you a bit for that Russ. Just so everone knows it.

Listen to the man

Nathan Young in Misfits makes my insides warm and fuzzy.
And blows his brains out on national tv.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

5 reasons to see Misfits

  • The story. Five young offenders are given community service but after being struck by lightning during a hail storm they're nothing but normal. Even though the whole thing with "young-person-develops-superpowers" has been done a million times before, Misfits revives it and adds a new twist.
  • The look of it. It’s gritty and solid suburban concrete surroundings through and through.
  • Nathan. This Irish little annoying bastard is the most hilarious person I’ve had the joy of encountering in a tv show in the last couple of years. Just full of great insults.
  • Simon. He’s the shy big-eyed freak with the camera. A mental breakdown waiting to happen.
  • Nathan. No, wait. I’ve said that already. Oh well... He's an inspiration to me.

"What if we're meant to be like superheroes?" - Simon
"You lot... 'superheroes'... No offense but in what kind of fucked-up world would that be allowed to happen?" - Nathan

Sunday, 1 January 2012