Thursday, 29 November 2012

Another one

For my Swedish readers and close friends I've got another blog going here. It's got to do with me not wanting to write personal stuff on this one anymore and a belief that I'd express my feelings much clearer in Swedish. So yeah. Have a good read!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Hobbit

I'd just like to point out that Sir Ian McKellen has been posting pictures of the preparations for the The Hobbit premiere on his Twitter. The big premiere in Wellington is tomorrow and I cannot stress the fact that I'm excited about this enough. I'll have to wait until December 14th to see the first of the three movies but yes, I'm thrilled.
Have a good night my lovelies.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bilbo's walking song

"The Road goes ever on and on
Out from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
Let others follow it who can!
Let them a journey new begin,
But I at last with weary feet
Will turn towards the lighted inn,
My evening-rest and sleep to meet."
- The Return of the King, J. R. R. Tolkien 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Ok, I'm going to watch Brave. I haven't actually seen a single thing about this movie beforehand so it'll really be a surprise. The music is amazing though. SPOILER ALERTS though I'll try and not give too much away. Here goes.
  • Ooooh, pretty! Beautiful scenery.
  • WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SCOTLAND??! As soon as anything animated has anything close to a medieval theme (this includes fantasy) it will as inevitably as the fucking tide take place in Scotland (or some other place inhabited by Scots). And Billy Connolly will voice at least one character. Are there bears in Scotland? Hm.
  • At 5 minutes we meet the young woman Merida and her family. Notice how bitter she is that her brothers doesn't really have to do anything and she has all sorts of responsibilities.
  • 7 minutes. Don't disturb me. I'm listening to Julie Fowlis. The songs are way too short - it's a problem.
  • 9 minutes. WTF. Is this really Ronia the Robber's Daughter?
  • 15 minutes in and... Wait, why is Merida wearing a corset? We don't see corsets until the 15th century in Europe and judging from the dresses this is late 14th century. Also, maidens wore their hair out. Married women covered it. AAAURGH! I'm damaged.
  • 28 minutes and Merida is holding a sword for about a minute. Name one "Disney Princess" who uses a short-range weapon like a sword. You'll say Mulan. When does she actually use her sword? Never. A bow - yes, fireworks - yes, but not her sword. Rapunzel uses a frying pan. I liked that. Up close and personal.
  • Well, now I'm 30 minutes into the movie and... are we entirely sure that this isn't inspired by Ronia the Robber's Daughter? Seriously. I can think of little else.
  • Haha! At 32 minutes you'll meet what must be the movie's most awesome characters. How long do I get to keep them? 4 minutes. Thanks.
  • 40 minutes and... so now it's definitly a cross-over between Ronia and Brother Bear? "Mother Bear"?
  • MERIDA SAID "CRIVENS"!! The Wee Free Men wibe comes in at 58 minutes. Lets paint her blue.
  • 59 minutes. Is this really a children's movie? I wonder.
  • An hour quite exactly and I'm getting this Moria feeling with the dungeon and the bones and everything. Oooh, spooky.
  • Oh I'm really loving the stone circle. It's acting all mysterious and shit. Haha. I'm tired.
  • 68 minutes and finally an emotional response on my part. I need tissues.
  • At the 70th minute there's misunderstandings and proper action and stuff! Woop woop!
  • 74 minutes: HAHAHAHA! Her little brothers are killing me. Strange how they're suddenly Merida's best buddies.
  • 76 minutes: animal cruelty. Warning.
  • Minute 78. C'mon mama bear! Kick his ass! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and so on and so forth.
  • 80 minutes - RIGHT IN THE FEELS.
  • 83 minutes and there's that amazing song Learn Me Right by Birdy (feat. Mumford & Sons). Aw crap. Now I really won't be able to hear that song without crying. A few inspirational last words from Merida and that's the end. 
  • 86th minute and end credits are rolling. IT'S DEDICATED TO FUCKING STEVE JOBS?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Now there's enough reason to be bitter for the rest of my miserable existance. No. I'm bitter enough.
Well. That was Brave. Not Pixar/Disney's best work and certainly not the most interesting one but interesting enough if you ask me. Nice to see something aimed at children that doesn't circle around boys, boys and men. Ahem. Yeah. The whole list thing is a bit silly too. But truth be told, I'll probably do it again. Shit! Is that the time?
I need to be up in 2,5 hours to pretend to be an adult who knows stuff. Balls!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Lets all give Charlie some love because he's brilliant. Stephen Fry said so.

 But the truth is that a lot of us have felt this way once or twice or perhaps many more times during our creative years (even though I'm not even a thousandth as talented or popular as Charlie). Hank Green responded to this video that we're all creators and we're all seeking approval in one way or another. It's true. When this blog of mine right here reached over a thousand hits a month I panicked - which I told you and have since panicked just as much. I still panic every time I write here and therefore haven't written much in the past six months or so.
"What if they've lost all interest?" "What if I'm not funny?" "What do they want me to write?" Though I do realise that most people just stumble upon this because of the ever present Google search engine.
I'm not writing only for myself even though that's a big part of it - to ventilate my thoughts of things I like in the vain hope that someone else likes the same thing and makes use of my info. People scare me though.
To everyone: DFTBA and thanks for following along. I love you all.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Confession: Doctors

I still cry like a baby when I get reminded of the 10th Doctor's last episodes in Doctor Who. It only takes a picture, a quote and/or a gif set (damn you Tumblr) and suddenly I'm screaming at the computer screen and doing the ugly cry in a corner of the room.
Yeah, he's still my favourite.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

I'd call it a success

So. I'm done with 50% of the essay. It's due tomorrow. But do not fret my lovelies! I've had a caffeine pill and will be up most of the night. Tomorrow you'll find me in the middle of a frantic search for a printer. And then I'll have some sleep, thank you very much.
But as of now: