Monday, 29 June 2015

My Home

My new apartment is starting to look like I want it to. You can tell how I've planned it. The big things are all there (my mum bought me a really good kitchen folding table) so now for the decorations; photos and pictures and things.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Games, games, games

So the Summer Sale on Steam is here. So far six new games have mysteriously dropped into my inventory (incl. Portal 2, Magicka and Bioshock). Weird how they just appeared... Bah, whatever. They were really cheap (all under 5€) and are going to be a great way to waste time when the weather turns awful again.
For now though, it's all sunny outside and I'm preparing for the Midsummer festivities this coming weekend by adding some colour to the mop on my head I call hair.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Twist and SHOUT!

This is going to one of those boring posts where I just vent for an unreasonable length of text. Just a warning. You can now proceed if you wish.

I'm at a place in my life where I'm twisting and turning everything around me in order to try and reevaluate which of these things are worth spending my time on and which I need to drop. There are so many things moving around my mind and general existence that are making me confused and uncomfortable that a good old cleanup might be of good use. To be honest, it's been put on hold for way too long.
Of course not all things are negative; I finally have my own place. It's still a feeling I'm getting used to and I am still fighting to furnish this new home of mine, preferably without completely murdering my bank account in the process. But I've no spare money to spend on anything else. For the love of the Gods, I'm still in love with the thought of having my own refridgerator so not having the money to fill it up with all kinds of food is rather... anticlimactic. Having a place of my own means I can stop postpone the rest of my life because I don't have an HQ where I can collect energy and recuperate.

My hair is growing longer as planned and right now it's some sort of popsicle green colour. It's good. But I'm running out of hair dye and am uncertain whether I should stay green or go back to trusty brown.

I've lost over 20lb since last summer but have no idea how I've done it. Despite being aware of having lost weight I haven't realised yet that I've gotten smaller so I've had to spend some time with my sewing machine and most of the clothes I bought during my London vacation but were too lazy to try on before buying (because "I know my size" and hate looking at myself in changing room mirrors). Add to that a whole bunch of old clothes I just can't imagine getting rid of simply because they're too big for me. I've actually had to dig out clothes I wore in high school. It's all a bit surreal. But modifying clothes inspired me and now I'm itching to dive into remodelling my medieval dresses. You know, the dresses I haven't moved from storage yet...

But I also need a kitchen table. So much of my life circles around food, being a hobbit and all, I'm embarrassed of not even own a table to serve it on. For myself. My future as a crazy old cat lady (sans cats for now) is starting to look imminent.