Sunday, 20 May 2012

D3 - Error 33

Haha, the list of problems with Diablo III is endless it seems. Servers have been down most part of the day for maintenance and the level of rage on is infinite. Mostly because there's no intel whatsoever about when the servers might be up and running again.
I didn't give that huge pile of money to Blizzard to be stuck with an "Error 33" and just like some have pointed out on if single player had been available offline this wouldn't have been an issue. Lots of people don't like playing with others (I'm one of them) which means that playing online is completely useless for most of us. Blizzard needs to attend to this. They need additional servers for their millions of gamers before there's an assassionation.
I want to play my game.
I tried logging on at about 2:30PM and got an "Error 33". 7:40PM I could finally play again. The problem seems to be solved for now. We'll see what this week brings...

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