Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Back to the Big Apple

In a little more than a month I'll be going back to New York City. Last time I didn't at all get my quota of nerdiness so I'll have to make sure to make the best of it this time.
Do I have a better reason than "I wanna" to go? Why, yes. Let me tell you...
It's been a decade since one of my closest friends and I got to know each other. We soon realized that we were like two peas in a pod. Great minds think alike and all that. Suffice it to say that we hit it off and now, ten years later, we're still friends despite some rough spots along the way and huge differences in personalities. So we decided to celebrate with a trip to the USA... At first, it was supposed to be Comic-Con but that didn’t work out. We didn't get any tickets. Lucky thing we had a back-up plan.
New York City - you beautiful bitch. I need to see you in all your splendour without a f-ing volcano ruining my cool. Last time I went to NYC was April 2010 - right when the volcanic eruption on Iceland grounded all air travel in most of Europe. I was lucky who got home.
The only thing I’m bitter about with this trip is that we’re leaving the city when New York Pride begins *insert irritated face here*. But, oh well.
Since the number of visitors to this blog has gone up considerably in the last months I’m asking all of You: what are the nerdiest things one can do in New York between the dates 8th to 16th of June? Or not so nerdy things too for that matter, I’m open to suggestions. Anything to do with comics (Marvel, DC, Darkhorse), books (Harry Potter, LotR, GoT and other) and scifi (Star Wars, Star Trek) is good.

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  1. Rymdnörden, du vet vem ;-)4 May 2012 at 14:16

    Enterprise är i NY men utställningen verkar inte vara klar förrän senare i sommar. Du kanske kan få se när dom lyfter den från pråmen och upp på däck på Intrepid.