Thursday, 23 February 2017


Again it's that lovely time of year: the Great Book Sale.
Or simply "Bokrea" as we say in Sweden.
   I constantly tell myself I have to restrict my book purchases to the Great Book Sale and maybe a comic book now and then, but then I go on to fail miserably because I find a book that I simply "must have" or step foot in a second-hand shop that stock some poor old forsaken books in some dusty corner (I'm saving them, I swear).
   This year is no exception; I had set aside some money for the Sale and was thrilled to see that what was left after I had filled my bags was enough to buy food to last for the remainder of the month before pay day. A nice surprise as I was prepared to live on tea. I love it when I surprise myself.

The catch of the 2017 Great Book Sale.
   I rarely read anything not scifi or fantasy so my obvious store of choice was Science Fiction Bokhandeln (it's like the Swedish equivalent of Forbidden Planet) not only because of the books but also because of all the other nerds I get to share a limited space with.
   It would seem I now need new bookcases.

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