Sunday, 3 May 2015

I'm Home!

I have now moved in to my new flat and set up the things that are most important to me; the kitchen is fully operational, the bed is made and my computer has internet access (oh, Spotify and Netflix how I've missed you in the last few weeks!). Everything else is sort of... sorely lacking. Since I've always lived in furnished rooms I own no actual furniture. I even had to buy my own bed now that I got my own place! Furniture's the next step to be taken I guess. (Now that both of my tattoos are done and completed whatever money's left will be spent on redecorating my new home. Mine! My own... my preciouuusssss...)
Also, I'm just home from Dear Old Blighty and it was superb. So I'll be telling you about that as soon as I've decided what pictures I'd like to share. Until then, enjoy this gem.

"Ain't no party like a Communist party."

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