Monday, 30 September 2013

Me and my boy band haircut

Well, of course I started researching my next medieval costume project instead of sitting down on my big behind for a few hours to catch up on my school reading. My boy band haircut and I wished for the weekend to last longer. “Ugh” I moan as I yet again let my eyes only slightly slide over the pile of books I should read until next week’s exam. “Ugh” I repeat as I realise that I only have one week left until that stupid exam that a great portion of last year’s class failed miserably.  Like the idiot I am I’ve spent too much time on Tumblr and too little time actually reading books that hold information I’ll need for school. I’ve been reading, but the entirely wrong sort of literature as neither Harry Potter nor A Feast for Crows will help me write my bachelor thesis. (Not this time at least.)
“Fuck it” I whisper as I reblog another picture of Tom Hiddleston.

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