Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Seven left...

   Seven work days left (three days as the omniscient ruler of the shop) and I'm in the middle of preparing to recruit a new member of staff. I wasn't actually aware that I was going to do this before my boss handed me the info... the day before she left for two weeks of vacation.
    At first I felt anxious, not to mention uneasy with my newly found pool of power, but then I just figured "ok, fuck it, lets jump straight into it then".

   So I have.
   And here's a little piece of advice for you nerds out there applying for jobs right now: if you want to get hired by someone you don't open your interview with telling your prospective boss you just applied for the job because you "had to". It won't win you any points. Nobody's impressed by that. Trust me.
   Do read up on the company with which you're interviewing. Even the tiniest bit would be good, thank you. Don't show up uninformed.
   Also don't mention how much you dislike your current employment if you have one. Will not win you any points either.
   Oh, and don't act like a total jerk if you happen to visit the company with which you're scheduled for an interview. Especially not when the person you'll be interviewed by can hear you being a total jerk. Will not win you any points.

   I suppose I should look at this whole experience as a way of learning more about what not to do when I apply for jobs myself.
   But I'm certainly a sensitive bundle of nerves at the moment and about 110% ready for my upcoming four weeks of doing nothing but whatever I feel like doing.
    Sleeping is something you can do for four weeks straight, right?

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