Saturday, 1 July 2017

"It's bullshit"

She's a huge fucking cynic but she's amazing. "We're living in this crazy period of superficiality" she says and slams plastic surgery and the world's obsession with youth ("All these bullshit doctors..."). "I'm 88, well I mean, really 87 but I make myself one year older. I don't want to be... look younger or be younger. I like to be one year ahead." Why be scared of ageing?
"I feel beautiful inside."

In other news:
   I had a lovely midsummer with all I hoped for and as good as everything I wished for. Kind words, laughs, hugs and other forms of closeness were to be found in every direction throughout the midsummer weekend. My energy reserves were filled to the brim as I floated home on itty bitty pink clouds. All through this week I've been riding on a tall wave of yummy endorphins. However, I feared it wouldn't last and yesterday I finally crashed in a wicked way and now I'm utterly and totally exhausted. To experience that kind of intense association with beautiful people one day and then go back to my normal lonely existence the next was... not all that good. It only goes to prove once and for all that I need to hang out with people more. Socialise. I need other people. But not just that, I need physical closeness. Not necessarily sexual, mind you (you pervs). Well. Better get on with that then...
   I've been reading Redshirts by John Scalzi. At first I wasn't all that impressed but it's grown on me and n ow it's really amusing.

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