Thursday, 15 September 2016

There be bugs on DA

Omigod, I sure am happy I don't use DeviantArt much these days because without their, now rather expensive, Core membership the whole site is so buggy it's basically inoperable.

And that's another thing! If you're a young struggling artist wanting to get your art out there and maybe even make some money off of it, how the hell are you expected to afford this Core membership? Are you to rely on the generosity of others to get Core? If so I'd recommend Patreon instead.

You don't even have to be a young struggling artist to not afford Core. And I'm still fuming about how they never announced the change in DeviantArt's membership protocols, while every other teeny-tiny update to the site is announced immediately. I'm not a struggling artist but before ($)Core I chose to be a paying member because it wasn't that much of an effort to support DeviantArt and its more active members.
Now, not so much.

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