Sunday, 18 September 2016

Happy B-Day to Me

I live alone so it's on me to make me those special meals that I know I enjoy. Like birthday  breakfast. This year I presented a tableau of freshly baked walnut scones with butter, silver shred and cheese. Some veggies with that. Big glass of orange juice. Big mug of coffee. Small bowl of muesli with soy yogurt, and blueberries I picked during my summer vacation up north. All the good stuff for this lil' ol' hobbit (though by hobbit standards I have a few years left until I come of age and officially become an adult). And the balloons of course. I need those balloons to wade through as I zombie-walk to the kitchen for my coffee. Balloons make everything nicer. Especially since I didn't get that much sleep last night because of nightmares. Nightmares really suck.


  1. Happy birthday!!!!
    Love you! looks like a delish breakfast ^^

  2. Congrats, love! ;-)