Monday, 27 January 2014

No ghouls - no problem

So I just called the computer company and they didn't fight me in the least. I'm returning the hard drive on Wednesday and will recieve a new one in exchange. No problem.

And by the bye, Johannes Cabal is a wonderful character. Yesterday, I started and almost finished the riveting third installment in the series about the sarcastic necromancer. The Fear Institute is much more Lovecraftian than the previous novels and I'm enjoying every sentence (though I wish there were  more female, or rather non-male, characters). I would have finished it if I hadn't been so curious about CarniePunk - a collection of short stories centered around carnivals. Not being able to curb said curiousity, I might have read a few chapters in that one too. Well, I did.
Reading is the most fun excuse you can have to not deal with your problems, or so I find.

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