Sunday, 26 January 2014

Go fish

So the hard disk drive of my expensive brand new computer crashed two days ago and I can't help but feel cheated out of my money (that was much more than a months worth of salary, fuck you very much). The computer company can expect a furious phone call tomorrow and demands for a new component to no additional cost. If they start giving me lip I will  break them. And then show up on their door step in all my fierce splendor.

All jokes aside though, at the moment I'm just grateful that I was wise enough to buy a laptop at about the same time but from another company or I would have lost my mind completely. It's good to have a backup, or so I've heard.
However, now I'm left with the laptop on which I have nothing but Spotify and school work which will of course force me to face reality and those pesky responsibilities.
Which is why I'm writing here, naturally.
I would never procrastinate. Hah. Never. Not my style.
Hmm, I wonder where I put that Johannes Cabal novel I wanted to get to reading...

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