Wednesday, 16 May 2018

DP2 - cocaine and baby legs

   Oh, it was good. Not nearly as good as the first movie since the story wasn't quite as thought through. Not at all as tight. It had a great many instances when I laughed out loud but it's Deadpool - if you don't laugh out loud someone fucked up. This time Ryan Reynolds had his handsome fingers nestled in with the script writing, and since we've grown to know little by little that Ryan Reynolds in fact is some sort of AU Wade Wilson I can partly excuse the weak story. But not the first major character death.
   Lots and lots of silly one-liners and poking fun at DC. And Marvel. And just about everything else on the planet.

   A bit in to the movie I thought I spotted a familiar face I needed to check out on IMDB. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Went to Wikipedia and lo and behold! There he was! Sala Baker! Credited as playing the adult version of kid villain Russell Collins. Sala Baker is great. Check out Sala Baker.

This article from the Mary Sue explains my feelings quite well.


  1. The first character death, though not excused, can be explained.
    I think it was weak and lazy writing to kill them off but it does fit with the comics.
    Here me out SPOILERS

    Deadpool wants to die. Deadpool spends years/comics being in love with the idea and personification of death.
    In this movie he now also wanted to die. it fits. V
    anessa is a movie only character and killing her made Wade in love with the idea of death. It works.
    It is super lazy writing, refrigeration on high levels and I think it sucks. it does however fit. It's annoying that it fits. but it fits. I wish they could have done something smart and better and a lot less refrigerator with it...but Deadpool isn't known for good story. it's know for good jokes as you basically said.
    No excuse, just explained.

  2. I know. Still hate it ;)