Monday, 25 July 2016

I has a proud!

Feel the pride oozing off of me.
When I sew a new outfit I have a certain inclination to never finish it entirely but always leave one or two itty bitty details that stay unfinished for years. I've had this hobby for a while now but haven't gotten around to finishing a complete outfit until now. This weekend as by a miracle I got that wonderful ache to create and voilĂ ! A completed late 14th century outfit. I fixed some details on my belt (belt, strapend and brass mounts have been lying around for two years), finally finished my St. Birgitta's cap (also two years in the making, effin' hand-stitching) and a veil (cheated a little and bought one from a friend despite having fabric for one lying around). With the belt purses hanging off the belt and my hair finally being long enough for plaits it really comes together.
It's warm as hell but looks amazing.

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