Thursday, 3 September 2015

Work? Nah...

Oh, I just love how I seem to be the only one at my workplace without a life. You know, hobbies in my spare time that I need to take into account. The only person who can offer to cover for collegues when they have better things to do. Or just can't muster up the energy to make an effort for the group.
I went to work at 6AM today and left work at 5PM. Because they needed me there when others chose to not be there for one reason or another. Because going to the gym is more important, right?


  1. Hoppas du får betalt för övertiden i alla fall?!

    1. Övertimmar samlas i en timbank som jag kan ta ut som ledighet (yeah, right, bara om det "passar" chefen) eller använda för att jobba mindre följande månad. Få betalt för mina jobbtimmar? Pfft, not in this lifetime.