Friday, 20 February 2015

The Gamer Hutt?

This past October I had a sudden, but forceful, urge to play something other than Diablo 3 for a while and bought The Witcher, Spore and The Orange Box (Halo, Halo 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2).
On a whim.
As you do.
(They were on sale.)

I finished The Witcher pretty soon and though I was intrigued by the story the game itself is kind of... drawn-out to the point of excruciatingly boring. I found myself wanting to skip through most of it (all combat, most quests etc etc) to read more about characters and get further with the story. Just talk to NPC's about other NPC's more vital to Geralt's own story. (My interest is skewed by the fact that I've seen the Polish TV show Wiedzmin and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. 10/10 would recommend. Well, maybe 9/10 and the fact that it's on a very tight budget is evident in... everything.)
The end fight in The Witcher game was utterly and completely anticlimactic for me.
I was not a happy camper.

Understandably, I was hesitant to try anything else for a while as I was hungover from my Witcher experience. I went back to Diablo 3. And it's still boring as all hell unless you're in multiplayer mode. Yesterday I finally installed Spore. Played a little. It's totally brainless but in a fun, time-wasting way.
Today I installed The Orange Box. And tried Portal. The cake might be a lie but the hype sure wasn't.
I've never really called myself a gamer, but maybe it's high time to add an other nerdy title to my name.
Speaking of games; I've bought Carcassonne + an expansion (Bridges, Castles and Bazars). It's the best.


  1. I feel your pain when it comes to Diablo, it's probably a game a newbie gamer shouldn't play. Even someone, like myself, who has been playing games her entire life, found the game to be below average. I never fully understood what my husband found appealing about the game.

    1. Or maybe that's exactly what a newbie should be playing; it's easy to learn, you know what to expect and the myhtology of Sanctuary could catch the interest of those who usually prefer books to games. I've rarely strayed outside of the Diablo series and there's a reason for that. With Diablo you know what you get but yes, D3 proved to be a bit of a disappointment after which the expansion lifted the experience a little but not much.