Friday, 6 December 2013

Pimping the skin you're in - Part V

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm alive and kicking while reality is kicking back at me with a vengeance. I'm working the busiest time of year right now as well as writing my bachelor thesis. My way of dealing with all this stress is treating myself to a shitload of things. Things like a new computer and a new tattoo. I realise that I really don't have time for anything outside of work and school and that's the exact reason to why I'm shipping off to Dublin and Belfast for a week from Sunday. It's another way of treating myself to something and at the same time slide away from my responsibilities. Already I know that I will fail to write my best friend her Xmas story, something I've been doing for many years in exchange for her artwork. And it sucks to know this. I'm hoping that I'll find the rest of the Xmas gifts I need in Dublin or Belfast and still have time left to drink a beer or two and eat some chips. Maybe even consider my thesis and come up with something halfway intelligent.

The computer is working just fine and the tattoo is healing up nicely.

"I love tattooed women, maybe because they are uncontrollable, they are themselves to the point of drawing symbols of their power on their skin. Talk about owning your own body, being in your body, claiming yourself. I love it. When the world is in an uproar over whether women should have a choice or not when it comes to their own bodies, being tattooed is one of the most visible choices of all."
- Margaret Cho

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